Kailyn Lowry Reveals the Real Baby Daddy of Son #4

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Longtime Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry recently confirmed that she is pregnant again and expecting a boy.

Again, Kail says she's prepared to raise her baby alone ... which has led to widespread speculation among her fans.

Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Announcement

After some celebrity gossip sites (not THG) posted an alleged twist in her baby daddy saga, Lowry's setting the record straight.

Specifically, she took to social media to address chatter that Chris Lopez - her third son's father - is not gonna be her fourth.

With rumors mounting that Baby #4's baby daddy is not who fans think it is, she knew that she had to reveal the truth.

Kailyn with Chris

"Word on the street kails new [baby daddy] isn’t Chris,” a series of direct messages published by a fan blogger said.

“The guy she was/is messing around with works at a… dealership in Dover… and this comes from a reliable source."


Lopez, Chris

According to whatever "Teen Mom Mama Drama" is, the source also claimed: “I know she told him he was the [baby daddy]."

Wow, that sounds both groundbreaking and specific.

And here we all were assuming that Chris Lopez had given Lux his first full brother. Is that all a cover story to mask the truth?

Kailyn Lowry Photographs Sons Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux.

"It looks bad that I have 3 baby daddies," Kailyn acknowledges.

"I get it. But I don’t sleep around," the MTV star adds, defiantly.

Kailyn notes "and anyone close to me f--king knows that."

She makes a good point. Having multiple baby daddies over the course of years, or a decade, is not the same thing as banging a new dude daily. (Which is also fine if done responsibly.)

Kailyn Lowry and Her Sonogram

"I don’t say s--t when outlets report FACTS," Kailyn insists.

She emphasizes that this means "things I cannot dispute."

"But this is low," Kail characterizes these bizarre rumors.

Low indeed. And false.

Lowry, Kai

At the end of the day, it sounds like Chris Lopez is the father / sperm donor of Lowry Baby #4, just as he was of Lux.

And whatever you think about them as a couple, "please, stop spreading blatant lies about me," Kailyn urges.

As she has said, if you want to take a swing at her, you had better use established facts to do so.

Lux Lowry Smiles and Speaks

And there's plenty of material. She didn't vaccinate Lux and likely plans the same medical neglect of her fourth child.

But hey, she's open about it. If you come for her, use real information instead of DMing fabrications over social media.

"People need to mind their own anyways," one fan comments.

"Your a dam good mum!"

Kailyn Lowry Baby Bump

"Your kids are loved and well taken care of, anyone can see that," the fan argues. "Hell have 10 babies to 10 dif people who cares haha."

"Ive got 5 sons and 3 dif dads i could care less what anyone thinks," the fan says. "Dont let anyone get ya down."

Another writes: “it is what it is. You’re a great mom. Can't knock you down."

In Celebration of Lux

Towards the start of this month, and following weeks of pregnancy rumors, Kailyn announced to the world that she's with child.

At the time, she was 16 weeks along. After some consideration of an abortion, she decided to go through with the pregnancy.

Lowry feels confident she made the right decision.

Kailyn Lowry Selfie Alert

Kailyn is already a mother of three boys, Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux.

But as a reality star, published author, and millionaire, all before the age of 30, she can afford to add another member to the family.

Many families could not say the same. Nor could they withstand the kind of tumult Kail has had to teal with re: Christopher Lopez.

Chris Lopez and Lux! Together!

Lux famously went nameless for weeks after his birth as Kail hoped that Chris Lopez would weigh in on this minor detail.

Ultimately, she awarded her son a name anyway.

Sometimes, it's a hard lesson to learn, and certainly sad in some ways, but kids don't always actually need both parents.

Kail has enough love and resources for all three of her sons (two of which have present fathers) and for the one on the way.

That doesn't mean that she wouldn't love to have a daughter, though. Maybe when she tries for #5 in a few years ...

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