Jenelle Evans: Is Her Relationship With Herb Wilkinson Over ALREADY?!

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It's only been two months since longtime celebrity and former Teen Mom 2 terror Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason.

But Jenelle has never been one to remain single for long.

That's an understatement. In fact, she usually transitions into a new relationship within a matter of weeks. Maybe even days.

And it seems things have been no different this time around.

Last week, we reported that Jenelle was dating Herb Wilkinson, a 23-year-old Massachusetts resident, whom she appears to have met online.

This week, both parties apparently realized they were outed and began running damage control to sweep the relationship under the rug.

Some fans have even gone so far as to speculate that Evans kicked Wilkinson to the curb in order to protect her reputation.

Yes, seriously. Jenelle Evans' reputation is at stake here!

As always, when Jenelle is involved it can be difficult to sort through the BS and locate the truth, but we've got you covered.

Take a look as THG breaks it all down:

1. Kicked to the Herb

Kicked to the Herb
Get it? Curb? Herb? Terrible wordplay aside, this romance may be over before it began. Or at least that's what she wants us to think. Just two months after her divorce from David Eason, Jenelle Evans had rebounded with new piece Herb Wilkinson. But was it very short-lived, even for her?

2. New Guy

New Guy
Herb was first identified last week by the devoted legion of Jenelle critics - known on Twitter as "Hatters" - who noticed that Evans had liked every pic on his Instagram dating back to April, and had even made an appearance on his page herself. Those Hatters may be insane, but they're good at what they do.

3. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
From the start, Herb came off like a walking red flag. If a human being ran around waving a literal red flag, he might be less conspicuous than Herb. But if you know anything about Jenelle, you know that spotting warning signs is not exactly her strong suit. In fact, if anything, she seems drawn to some of the web's least savory characters.

4. Checking His References

Checking His References
Wilkinson's former flames have nothing good to say about him, but that's to be expected and not necessarily a disqualifier. Who knows what their motives might be. What's more troubling are the recent DUI conviction and the bigoted social media rants.

5. No Instinct For Self-Preservation

No Instinct For Self-Preservation
For Jenelle, the most upsetting sign of all is likely the brutally mean comments that Herb tweeted to her before they met, when he was just another Teen Mom 2 fan nauseated by her behavior on the hit MTV reality series.

6. Running For Cover

Running For Cover
Not surprisingly, fans discovered this link to the past and the floodgates opened with abandon. All this scrutiny has led Herb to delete his Instagram account and shy away from the spotlight he once seemed to crave.

7. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
Meanwhile, the mother of three has taken to her own Instagram page to speak out on the relationship rumors. While she doesn't quite deny them, she leaves herself room to do so in the future. She's good like that.

8. Not the Greatest Track Record

Not the Greatest Track Record
As many Hatters have pointed out, Jenelle is almost never honest. At all, especially about the details of her personal life. She definitely dated Herb at one point, but it's possible her relationship status changed in response to all this recent controversy.

9. Is It Over?

Is It Over?
To be clear, The Hollywood Gossip has reason to believe that Evans is still dating Wilkinson. But we can understand why there's speculation that the couple may have called it quits.

10. Looking Out For #1

Looking Out For #1
After all, Jenelle is all about rebuilding her career (don't laugh) these days, and if what we've learned about Herb is even partially true, he will be of little help to her in that regard.

11. Priorities

Quite the contrary, a younger man who's still very into partying and lives in a different state is being viewed by many as, at best, an unnecessary distraction at best. That's assuming he's a generally good guy, a suspect question to say the least. And all at a time when Jenelle should be focusing on her kids. (Not that she ever has, but whatever.)

12. The One Who Never Learns

The One Who Never Learns
At worst, Herb is basically David Eason 2.0, a loose cannon with a bad temper who's luring Jenelle into yet another situation that poses major risks to her kids' welfare and potentially her own as well.

13. Called Out

Called Out
Already, fans have taken to addressing the MTV legend directly and imploring her not to make the same mistakes she made with David ... and Nathan, and Gary, and Courtland, and ... you get the idea.

14. Good Advice

Good Advice
“Go home to [your] kids. Did you see what that douchebag said to [you] three years ago? Stop the cycle, girl!” wrote one Jenelle Evans fan and follower on the socials.

15. The Clapback

The Clapback
Of course, the 28-year-old has never been one to listen to advice. Or reason. Or logic. Instead, she goes right back to trying to convince us she's the world's best mom.

16. Not Alone

Not Alone
Jenelle's initial critic who we quoted above is in good company, as even her devoted fans are urging her to be cautious with regard to the Herb situation.

17. Color Blind

Color Blind
Unfortunately, as we said earlier, Evans' inability to spot flashing warning signs is the stuff of legend.

18. Do You, Girl

Do You, Girl
We think most folks who have been monitoring this situation would agree that it's fine, or at least not necessarily a disaster in the making, if Jenelle is simply involved in a rebound fling with Herb.

19. All Good

All Good
If they're not getting serious, and Jenelle isn't leaving her traumatized kids at home for interstate booty calls too frequently, the situation might be harmless. (It's probably not, because most things with Jenelle aren't, but for argument's sake.)

20. But Yeah, That's Probably Not the Case

But Yeah, That's Probably Not the Case
Unfortunately, Evans is known for diving into new, serious relationships just weeks after massively dramatic breakups, and it seems that she's repeating that destructive pattern with Herb. If nothing else, it should make for some bats--t news cycles.

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