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On Monday, we reported on the distressing news that Farrah Abraham had been accused of leaving her 10-year-old daughter alone in an LA apartment while she jetted off to Mexico with her new boyfriend. 

The Instagram accounts responsible for so many Teen Mom rumors insisted that Sophia Abraham’s social media posts indicated that she was on her own in Los Angeles.

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Farrah’s parenting has come under question many times in the past, but usually she’s accused of running her daughter ragged by dragging her along on her many excursions.

This was the first time that Farrah had been accused of abandoning her child and fleeing the country.

And it seems she was less than thrilled by the accusation.

Farrah was a little slow to respond to the allegations, as it seems she wanted to make the most of her Mexican vacay.

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But on Monday, Ms. Abraham finally re-entered the US and issued a statement regarding the claims that she’d given her only daughter the Kevin McAllister treatment.

"We live a great life and are not affected by harassment of any sort and I will not tolerate unsafe illegal actions by others lying, stalking, or harassing my family," Farrah told Champion Daily.

"I see I need to post less on social media since cyber bullying and hate still has not been filtered out on social media," she added.

Farrah went on to blame social media, fame, and, of course, jealous haters for her current predicament:

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"Since I have had continued harassment, stalkers, and haters from the Teen Mom show continue to call Police on me after being hated on the show, I have taken extensive precautions against those who sell stories, lies, and harass my family," she continued.

"Sophia is protected from the evil people and it’s sad people are jealous of my dating life, and try to affect my family in a negative way.”

Farrah’s father says he was with Sophia in Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, as many of her social media followers have pointed out, it appears that Farrah left for Mexico on Friday, and there’s no evidence of Sophia receiving adult supervision prior to Michael’s arrival.

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All of this comes on the heels of a bizarre incident in which Farrah included her daughter in an inappropriately racy video she posted online.

On that occasion, as well, Farrah defended herself with a semi-coherent rant about haters and the pressures of fame.

Increasingly, her arguments have been falling on deaf ears.

And more and more, fans wish she would reflect on her parenting practices, rather than simply rushing to defend herself.