The Bachelor Recap: You're an Alcoholic Pill-Popper with Mental Health Problems!

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The Bachelor aired the fiirst of two episodes planned for this week on Monday night.

But while that may seem excessive, Peter Weber went ahead and upped his own ante during the latest installment of this franchise yesterday evening...

... by sending SIX women home.


It was an all-out war between the women from the start, as the contestants screamed over Peter's decision to bring Alayah back into the mansion after originally sending her home over concerns that she was being “fake.”

“I don’t care what anyone in there says. I know that you have an amazing heart,” Weber told Alayah after pulling her aside amid the tension and adding:

“I felt such a strong connection with you from night one.”

Sounds sweey, right? Except... Peter then went Alayah home because it thought it was all too much for her to handle.

Peter then apologized to the rest of the women for following ABC's lame script for creating a “toxic” situation, which they seemed to mostly accept.


“I’m asking the women to trust me right now, but I feel like a lot of them probably don’t,” Peter explained. “I deserve to be called out. I messed up. That was a slap in their face, and I see that now.”

Even after this early drama, Peter then had to anchor an actual rose ceremony, during which he sent Deandra, Kiarra and Savanah packing.

And then the fun finally got underway -- with a trip to Costa Rica!

It didn't take long, however, for Peter to sustain a forehead injury in a golf cart accident in during a day off from shooting.

While the accident wasn't shown on air, Peter showed up with a bandage on his head and filled the women in on what transpired.

ouch, pete

“I ran into a golf cart,” he said with a laugh after concocting a story about a run-in with a puma.

“I had a glass in my hand, as I hit my head I then shattered the glass into my head. It just sounds ridiculous. I frickin’ stabbed myself in the head. I will never forget this experience.”

Thankfully, Peter was able to recover sufficiently enough to take Sydney for a helicopter ride... have a picnic with her... and, of course, swap a lot of spit.

“You know, you’re the best kisser,” he told her. “That’s our secret. Don’t tell anyone.”

Later, while eating, Peter and Sydney grew even closer after she got candid up about her parents’ divorce and her estranged relationship with her father.

Feeling like he’s finally “peeling back the layers” of Sydney, Peter gave her a rose.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Kelsey, who had a one-on-one last Monday, was starting to feel the pressure of competing for the handsome pilot's attention.

She broke down into tears while talking to Tammy.

Sydney H.

It was one thing for her to feel annoyed that Peter was out with another woman... but Kesley then took it up 27 notches.

“She’s a dramatic f-ckin bitch,” she said to Tammy of Kelsey. “I don’t care about all these girls and their drama.”

(Editor's Note: In that case, boy oh boy, are you on the wrong show!)

Following the group date (a bikini photoshoot with Cosmopolitan Magazine), Kelsey told Peter that ,despite feeling insecure about the process, she was falling in love with him.

“Honestly, I never expected to have feelings this strong,” she said. “It felt really good to get the validation I did tonight. It made me really happy.”

Kelsey W.

Kelsey would soon feel sad, however, because Tammy ratted her out and told Peter all about her Sydney bashing.

“Kelsey had a mental breakdown because Sydney went off with you in a helicopter. She was sitting by herself crying her eyes out,” she told Weber. “I’ve seen multiple times that she’s drinking excessively.”

Whoa there! We just entered new territory of accusations, didn't we?

Was this breakdown part true, Peter proceeded to ask Kelsey?


“I was emotional, but it wasn’t a breakdown,” she replied through tears, attempting to explain:

“I want you to know I didn’t have an emotional breakdown. I was sad, I was really sad. It’s not like every day has been like that. It was just the first time after a one-on-one where my feelings were really strong.”

Kelsey then cried once again after talking to the other suitors and hearing them blame her for all the drama.


On a sexier note, Peter took Kelley to a spiritual guru for a one-on-one date, where they strip down to their bathing suits for a cleansing ritual.

Peter then admitted to Kelley that she seemed hesitant to open up, prompting her to reply:

“I want someone to be my other half. I want to be with someone who we are a power couple. I’m looking for someone to challenge me on a day to day.”

This was enough for her to earn a rose.

in bathing suits

Back to the drama at the house:

Kelsey learned that Tammy was the one who told Peter she was kind of an alcoholic, an allegation she tried to shoot down when chatting next with Peter.

“For some reason, Tammy is going around telling everyone that I have a drinking problem. Then it turned into popping pills,” Kelsey told The Bachelor. “It’s very hurtful.”

The conversation further strengthed her bond with Peter.

“It’s sad to me to think that she was made to feel that uncomfortable,” he told the camera. “I loved that she felt the need to come over and it meant enough to her to clarify things with me.”

So much so that he simply gave Kelsey a rose right then and there.


This pissed off the other women, as did the fact that Peter canceled that night's cocktail party.

“It just kind of sucks because maybe if you hadn’t gone to talk to him, maybe we could have had a cocktail party,” Lexi told Kelsey.

It all got so ugly, you guys.

Kelsey said at one point the only pills she takes are “Adderall and birth control," while Tammy lashed out at Sydney for criticizing her over involving Peter in the house drama, labeling her a “princess.”

The other women were upset that rumors were distracting from their potential time to make connections. Literally, EVERYone started crying.

Before Peter starts giving out roses, Tammy pulled him aside.

“I would just hope that you would never think that I’m coming from a malicious place,” she said to him. “I’m here to focus on my relationship with you.”

Feeling left out, Mykenna then interrupted these two to tell Peter how much the drama has been weighing on her.

While viewers didn't see much of the conversation, Peter was left standing alone and looking very sad.

pete snuggles

He eventually returned and sent Lexi and Shiann home.

What a total mess.

Before Wednesday's episode airs, take a breath and visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to see what happens next.

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