Farrah Abraham Defends Racy Boat Video with Incoherent Word Salad

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As we reported, Farrah Abraham bared her booty on a boat. Actually, she was wearing lingerie, so she bared more than just her butt.

Dancing to violin music without real clothes on is fine. Doing so in front of your 10-year-old daughter, however, is alarming.

After fan backlash, Farrah is clapping back ... in her own, oh-so-special Farrah way.

See if you can make heads or tails of what Farrah is trying to say with her incoherent word salad. We did our best.

All in all, she thinks that she's a great mom. ... And something about Santa. And something about puberty?

1. Farrah is at it again!

Farrah is at it again!
The notorious reality TV villain loves showing off her body, particularly after she's just had work done -- and she's ALWAYS just had work done. In this case, she got fillers in her butt just weeks ago and was ready to flaunt that booty.

2. So she danced about it

So she danced about it
In a video that she shared to social media, Farrah danced on a yacht while wearing red lingerie and a captain's hat and not a stitch more, flaunting cleavage and booty.

3. No harm done ...

No harm done ...
She has every right to show off her flesh prison, just like the rest of us do. The only problem is that she and her, um, musical accompanyment were not alone.

4. Look who else was with them!

Look who else was with them!
It didn't take much cyber sleuthing to notice that Sophia Abraham was on tictoc on that same yacht, also dancing. Recording a lingerie video is fine, but maybe 10-year-olds don't need to be included in that activity?

5. Fans were in an uproar

Fans were in an uproar
As you can see in these screenshots gathered by the good folks over at The Ashley, social media was beside itself after seeing the sort of activities that Farrah -- who does not send her daughter to actual school to be socialized -- apparently believes to be age-appropriate.

6. Farrah fired back

Farrah fired back
After TMZ caught up with Farrah about the backlash to Sophia's presence for Farrah's video, she had some things to (incoherently) say in her own defense.

7. Farrah says she's a victim

Farrah says she's a victim
"I feel like a lot of moms are sex-shamed, which I definitely have been in my life," Farrah says. We're sure that this is true. But having a butt is not what stoked everyone's ire this time.

8. She has a lot to say ... about herself

She has a lot to say ... about herself
Farrah continues: "and I think when I am sexy, gorgeous, young, and beautiful, I would almost regret not looking back on my life and not living a happy outgoing life."

9. Farrah's worried the HATERS could impact Sophia

Farrah's worried the HATERS could impact Sophia
"And I would definitely hope my daughter’s never shamed to cover up herself and not be her happiest," she rambles. Nobody's demanding that Sophia cover up when she's an adult. People are just asking Farrah to put a little space between her lingerie dancing and her 10-year-old. Like, let Sophia be in another room playing video games. Oh, or at school, where she belongs.

10. Farrah Abraham in Big Apple

Farrah Abraham in Big Apple
Farrah Abraham is at One World Trade Center in this photograph, snapped in NYC.

11. Is Sophia growing up too fast?

Is Sophia growing up too fast?
"No," Farrah insists. "Ya know … she just recently lost her last tooth and she’s like, ‘I’m not gonna actually write the Tooth Fairy a letter this time.’" That would seem to indicate that she's growing up, though 10 is a little old to believe in a tooth fairy or similar things.

12. But also ...

But also ...
"And also for Christmas, she still kind of believes in the Santa stuff," Farrah reveals. Did no one tell Farrah that it's HER job to tell her daughter that Santa isn't real and that she's been lying to her about Christmas and the way that the world works for her entire life? It's not like Sophia has classmates to spill the beans to her. Farrah has denied her that opportunity.

13. Farrah thinks this means that Sophia is still an innocent

Farrah thinks this means that Sophia is still an innocent
"Other kids stopped doing that like, years ago," Farrah admits, clearly not realizing that this says more about her than about Sophhia. "So my daughter, she’s pretty much her kid self."

14. She also rambles about Sophia going through puberty

She also rambles about Sophia going through puberty
"Well, I mean she started having B.O., ya know, she started having armpit hair," Farrah blurts out as if that's anyone's business.

15. Farrah thinks that she's a stellar parent

Farrah thinks that she's a stellar parent
"Like, our kids are going through puberty," she rambles, "and luckily my daughter is more well-behaved than I see of her other kids and her other peers and I’m very blessed."

16. About that boat video ...

About that boat video ...
"Ya know, the yacht’s kind of big so if some of us are in the front and we’re just dancing and having fun," Farrah says defensively.

17. Apparently she wasn't the only one in lingerie?

Apparently she wasn't the only one in lingerie?
"Like, my friend’s playing a violin and his girlfriend is there, ya know?" Farrah explains. "Like, I don’t do anything that nobody else is doing." Seriously, is she saying that this was recorded by Violin Dude's girlfriend, who was also in lingerie? It sounds like it, but to Farrah, words just have to be there -- they don't have to make sense or mean anything.

18. Oh, Farrah

Oh, Farrah
"I actually think I live my life a little bit more conservatively than most other people do," Farrah expresses. Farrah, being a Trump-supporter known for racist rants and outbursts is not the same thing as "living conservatively."

19. As for the backlash

As for the backlash
"I’m staying positive," Farrah says. In other words, when you think that you can do no wrong, you never have to worry about what other people are saying.


"No one is ruining my creativity," Farrah affirms. CREATIVITY? Literally she danced in lingerie. "Or my Instagram happy page."

21. Lesson learned?

Lesson learned?
We know that Farrah never stood a chance, between her childhood and her teenage pregnancy. But now she's an adult, and her refusal to learn or grow as a person despite being a mother falls on her shoulders and no one else's.

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