Amy Duggar Reveals Post-Baby Belly, Gets REAL About Body Positivity

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In October, Amy Duggar welcomed her baby boy! Unlike some of her cousins, Amy hasn't been shy about keeping it real with her followers.

Now, she's showing her equally real post-baby body, and reminding everyone that they don't need to look "perfect."

Amy Duggar, Post-Baby Body at Three Months

Beloved Duggar cousin Amy King took to Instagram this week to offer fans a look at her post-baby body.

Her soft torso is a much more realistic version of a post-baby body than what Instagram denizens are accustomed to seeing.

"My body is not magazine perfect," Amy begins.

"But," she writes, "this is me."

Amy Duggar Shares Body-Positive Post-Baby Message

Amy's honest mirror selfies are accompanied by her declaration of how she views and values herself.

"When I look in the mirror," Amy shares, "I see a MOM."

"And," she emphasizes, "there is no greater honor, love, or blessing!"

That's a sentiment echoed by moms far and wide, not just within the confines of the fundamentalist fertility cult to which her cousins belong.

Amy Duggar as a Mother

She is only three months into motherhood but she already knows how much it entails -- even without societal pressure to quickly drop all baby weight.

"To all the mama's out there struggling to [accept] their new figure," Amy addresses her message.

She advises these moms to "just remember every scar, tummy pooch, and stretch mark and flabbiness you have now has created life!"

That is some very good advice. Loving your flesh prison is a good, healthy policy.

Amy and Daxton

"Be proud of that!" Amy encourages her followers.

"Your body is powerful," she proclaims.

Amy continues: "And made you a mother!"

Constructing a tiny human being is no small feat, folks.

Trick? Or Treat?

"Forget society's standards on what is beautiful!" Amy strongly suggests to anyone reading her post.

She then praises these moms, writing: "You're a bad *ss,"

It's kind of adorable that she censored the word badass. But considering her family background, it's no surprise.

In any case, she's right. The burden of pregnancy and the incomparable agony of chidlbirth are nothing at which to scoff.

Hello, Daxton!

Amy counsels any moms struggling with post-baby body image to "be patient with your progress."

"And," she concludes, "love yourself."

That is some very good advice.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but loving your body makes you more likely to lose weight than hating it ever could.

Amy and Baby Dax

"This is the most real post ever! It’s absolutely beautiful!” one fan praises Amy in the comments.

“Love this," another follower writes. "Thank you."

An additional comment reads: "Thank you for being so real and raw!!"

Most women in the Duggar family are required to be creepily perfect at all times. Amy, in the mean time, is keeping it real.

Amy Duggar Gives Birth

Amy is the first to admit that motherhood has been a challenge. Newborns need constant attention, affection, and feeding.

Her mother helps from dusk 'til dawn, which has helped tremendously to ease the burden.

Human are social animals. We all do our best when we don't have to shoulder responsibilities by ourselves.

We're so happy that Amy is able to lead such a normal, happy life ... and that she is not expected to produce countless children.

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