Tyler Cameron: Yes, Hannah Brown Shot Me Down In the Fantasy Suite! Now Get Over It!

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Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette was full of surprises.

There were decent guys who turned out to be massive douche bags, sercret girlfriends left behind in hometowns, and the astonishing longevity of Luke P., who made it into Hannah's final four despite being the worst human to ever draw breath.

Tyler Cameron with Hannah

But the biggest shocker of all came in the final episode, when Hannah chose Jed Wyatt over Tyler Cameron.

Tyler was the fan favorite throughout the season, and the decisive moment was made even more painful by the midseason revelation that Jed was one of those guys with a secret girlfriend at home.

(Hannah, of course, was not aware of this development when she chose Jed, and she dumped him shortly thereafter.)

Looking back, however, there may have been a few signs that Hannah was more smitten with Jed than with Tyler.

Tyler Cameron Gets Dumped

For example, Hannah opted not to have sex with Tyler during their night together in the fantasy suite.

Obviously, that's her decision to make, and no one should ever feel pressured into having sex with anyone simply because they're on television.

But the fact is, Hannah did have sex with other men who made it to her final four -- including Jed.

Tyler spoke out about that decision in a recent interview with Paper Magazine, and he said all the right things -- which is increasingly rare in our gaffe-prone society.

Tyler Cameron on the Finale

"She said that she didn't want to have sex, and I was like, 100%," Tyler said, emphasizing that he made no effort to her influence her decision.

"But the response to that was so big, which is scary," he added of the public's reaction.

"No is no. So it was just honoring her and being true to that. This should be normal. We should not even bat an eye at it."

Tyler says there was never any temptation for him to respond differently, as he was raised in a community that encouraged respect toward women.

Tyler Cameron, No Shirt Needed

"Men need to step up," he said.

"Men need to call each other out. That's what I say my friends are good about: they have no problem calling me out on my sh-t," he continued.

"They'll humble me quickly. I think we do need to keep each other accountable and humble each other."

This could have been a subtle shot at Luke P., who infamously slut-shamed Hannah after learning she has sex with other men during fantasy suite week.

Tyler Cameron

Whatever the case, this might be the last time we hear Tyler speaking publicly about Hannah.

Last week, he stealthily deleted any mention of Ms. Brown from his social media accounts.

Of course, we doubt that's a result of any lingering bitterness over being rejected.

After all, Hannah asked Tyler out on a date during her live reunion show.

He accepted -- and we're pretty sure they got much more intimate on that occasion.

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