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So… have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet, The Bachelorette fans?

Or, perhaps this would be a better question, following a crazy whirlwind of an insane Season 15 finale:

Has your neck recovered from all that storyline whiplash just yet?


FIRST on Tuesday night, Hannah dumped Tyler, saying him to his face that she was in love with Jed.

SECOND on Tuesday night, Hannah accepted a proposal from Jed after he sang her a song and got down on one knee.

THIRD on Tuesday night, Hannah kicked Jed to the curb after she learned he basically had a girlfriend this whole time and was a total dirty rotten liar.

And THEN on Tuesday night, toward the end of the After the Rose live studio special, well…

… Hannah sort of pulled a Jason Mesnick.

Allow us to explain:

Angry Hannah Brown
Photo via ABC

After breaking things off with Jed — who, again is a total dirty rotten liar — Hannah welcomed Tyler back into her life for the first time since she basically rejected his proposal in Greece.

We learned on the After the Rose special that Hannah is now single and happy, but also still clearly thinking about a certain someone.

And that certain someone felt the same way.

"I’m so excited to see her," Tyler told Chris Harrison on stage, adding of Hannah:

"I was looking forward to this day, actually. It was a tough break up, and it was hard, but I have so much respect for you and I loved watching the season, how powerful and strong you’ve been."

Tyler said he believed Hannah was going to be "in good hands" with Jed, and it’s been difficult to see her go through this split.

"She is a fighter, one of the strongest people I have met, the world is hers. And I know that," he added.

Then, it was Hannah’s turn to speak — and she made the most of it.

"I know that with Tyler, he’s been so supportive and so respectful of me, not just on our journey together but even afterwards," she explained on air, continuing as follows:

"Our relationship was real to me and special and everything I said, I meant and I felt and it didn’t just go away, and I still, like, have feelings.

"I’m really confident in who I am now and being on my own and growing and really taking everything I’ve learned and what I want in a next relationship, but I don’t know. "

Hannah and Tyler on the Finale
Photo via ABC

Go on, Hannah! Just do it! Just say it!

"I mean, I’ve always said I want somebody to be bold and I’m bold, and I make bold moves, and you’re an incredible guy and I’m a single girl…so?

"I just thought maybe we could go for a drink and just hang out."

Tyler, your response?

"I would love to, just tell me when, I’m there."

As the audience went berzerk, Hannah said the  two just need to be normal people and hang out, while Harrison said he’d even send a date card, which we’re pretty sure is the opposite of normal.

But whatever.

Mesnick, of course, was The Bachelor on Season 13.

His situation was a little different from that of Hannah’s — but he did break up with Melissa Rycroft on the After the Rose special, only to then ask out Molly, his runner-up at the time.

She accepted the simple date invitation… and now they are happily married!

So there you have it, guys.

But no pressure at all, Hannah and Tyler!!!!