Rebecca Parrott: Will 90 Day Fiance Star Go to Jail for Unpaid Child Support?

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Having appeared on 90 Day Fiance does not automatically solve your problems. The pay's not great, and sometimes, it makes your life harder.

Last wee, Mohamed Jbali posted about homelessness. Now, fans are worried that Rebecca Parrott hasn't paid her child support.

Rebecca Parrott Smiles in a Turtleneck

Rebecca Parrott kept a number of secrets from Zied, secrets that could have destroyed their relationship.

But she also hid things from fans, who only recently learned that she owed back child support to the father of her three adult children.

It wasn't just that fans were disappointed at her flying out to Tunisia instead of paying up.

She was also seen paying for things on camera and even giving Zied cash.

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi

Back in June when the world learned that Rebecca was going to appear on 90 Day Fiance, her ex filed suit.

The show isn't famous for massive (or even moderate) payouts to stars, but people hear "reality show" and dollars signs replace their pupils.

But apparently Rebecca had owed child support for some time.

This money was reportedly owed regarding her youngest daughter, Tiffany, who is now 21.

Rebecca Smokes at a Bar

Pro-tip: pay for your child's food and clothing and shelter before you spend thousands of dollars on airfare.

(No kids? Do whatever you want even if it's reckless)

Unfortunately, it sounds like this wasn't even Rebecca's first run-in with child support delinquency.

Back in 2014, when her youngest would have still been a minor, Rebecca was taken to court over unpaid support.

Rebecca Parrot Speaks Out on Instagram

At the time, it was determined that she owed $5,200 to her ex for child support.

She was ordered to pay $325 each month. That can be a lot of money depending upon your income, but it's low for child support.

But the court later found that she had not kept up with those payments, paying back only $1,200.

And that was before. In 2019, things got more serious.

Rebecca is Concerned Before The 90 Days

Rebecca was ordered to turn over all of her financial documents to her ex's attorney and to at least respond to this summer's filing by August.

She seemingly ignored that, and then skipped the hearing on November 22.

When you don't go to court, it doesn't erase your problems.

Her ex won by default, and Rebecca received a court order to pay up in some pretty hefty installments.

Rebecca Parrott Selfie

The first massive installment was due on Sunday, December 15.

Rebecca was ordered to pay $2,000 on that date.

Her next ordered payments will be in the same amount on January 15 and February 15.

On March 15, Rebecca must pay the remaining $500 of the Floyd Order.

Rebecca Looks Worried

Rebecca has said both that she is "not a victim" and that things regarding the child support situation are "not as they seem."

However, she has reportedly made that first required payment.

Most of us would rather pay $325 in a single month than shell out $2,000.

We hope that Rebecca keeps up with her legal and financial responsibilities, whatever they may be, from here on out.

There may be a lot that we don't know about the situation, but complying with a court order is usually the smart move.

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