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Tyler Cameron won the Internet long before he lost The Bachelorette.

The Florida native made quite an impression on viewers of this ABC franchise long before this week’s crazy finale, by being very nice, very considerate of star Hannah Brown…

… and also VERY attractive.

Let’s be honest here, right?

Alhough Tyler lost out on the final rose to Jed Wyatt, who proposed to Brown on the season finale, he remained a major fan favorite due to his sweet smile and positive attitude.

“That’s gonna hurt, but I’m still gonna be your biggest fan and rooting for you,” Cameron told Brown after she admitted she was in love with Wyatt. “And I’m wishing you and Jed nothing but success.”

Jed and Hannah, of course, failed miserably — the latter dumped the former for lying about having a girlfriend back home.

And then she ASKED TYLER OUT on the After the Final Rose special. Hooray!

Based on the photos below, we have one piece of advice for Brown as she gets to know Tyler even better on a casual basis: Lock that hottie up, girlfriend!