Tori Roloff Gets Real, Admits to Postpartum Struggles

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Tori Roloff is once again here to keep it real.

The Little People, Big World star has amassed over one million Instagram followers largely due to her candor on this platform...

... although, let's face it, the endless array of adorable baby and toddler photos don't hurt, either.

Tori and Two Kids

Tori and husband Zach welcomed their second child back on November 19, sharing her name (Lilah) at the time, along with her measurements (8 pounds 9 ounces; and 18.5 inches long) at the time.

Since then, Tori has gushed about the miracle of motherhood and basically made the entire Internet cry with this tribute to her newborn.

But the mother of two has also kept it real.

She's admitted twice over the past couple days to some very relatable struggles, the type to which all new mothers can likely relate.

Tori, Zach and Their Kids

First, after confessing on Instagram that she wasn't in a great place mentally, Tori then expounded in more detail, addressing followers as, well, follows:

“Y’all are so sweet for wishing me well.

“I’m good. I let too much time pass in between feedings last night. For those breast-feeding mamas you know … mess your whole body up. Just so thankful it wasn’t mastitis.

"I’m legit terrified to get that haha. Feeling better though!! Thank you for your sweet notes!” 

Tori Roloff with a message

After her latest message, meanwhile, Roloff may end up receiving even more sweet notes.

Because, in this case, she opens up about a few self-esteem issues, as they relate to her postpartum appearance.

"I’m trying really hard to love my postpartum body," Tori wrote as a caption to a photo of her and her two kids, adding:

"It’s only been 3 weeks since growing and then birthing a human being, but it’s hard. Having major abdominal surgery is difficult for me because I hate being restricted."

New Mother of Two

In the past, during various stages of her second pregnancy, Tori admitted to having trouble being so helpless.

She was also very honest this summer about how she grew so much bigger with Lilah than she did with son Jackson.

It took Tori awhile to accept this look, just as it appears to be taking her awhile now to come to grips with her body.

Which is totally understandable, of course. And unfortunate.

The Storm Delivers

Continued Roloff in her latest post:

"I hate asking for help. I hate not being able to physically keep up with where my mental state is. Plus there are jiggles in places that are honestly just hard to come to terms with.

"I know it’s temporary.

"I know my body will heal and I will be back where I want to be. It’s just the waiting that’s hard."

Tori at Home

Millions -- and millions -- around the women must be nodding in agreement right about now.

And Tori used her platform to encourage these same women.

"For all those PP mamas out there. Love yourself hard," she concluded.

"We all have our days and that’s okay. Our bodies are so insane and I’ve said it before- women are bad ass. I thank God everyday for the family he’s given me.

"I’ll be here continuing to try and practice what I preach and love myself through this phase."

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