Baby Roloff is Here! See the Pics! Read the Reactions!

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Congratulations are in order for Tori and Zach Roloff.

The beloved Little People, Big World couple welcomed a daughter on November 19, sharing the wildly exciting news with fans two days later.

Because they really are very awesome, Tori and Zach also shared photos of the (very) young woman, while a few of their loved ones shared their best wishes.

Scroll down for pictures of the newborn and also to see what Zach, Tori  and other Roloffs are saying in the wake of her officia existence...

1. She's Here!!!!

She's Here!!!!
“Zach and I are so excited to introduce you to our sweet baby girl Lilah. She has been the perfect addition to our family!” the new mom of two told People Magazine, prior to sharing this photo of her daughter on Instagram.

2. It's Lilah Ray, To Be Precise

It's Lilah Ray, To Be Precise
Tori also posted this precious snapshot to her account, confirming the first and middle name of her beautiful little girl.

3. Is She a Dwarf?

Is She a Dwarf?
Neither Tori nor Zach has commented yet, but Amy Roloff did previously confirm her granddaughter would have achondroplasia... just like her father.

4. More Details Please!

More Details Please!
Along with this indescriably perfect photo, Zach included a few details about his second kid, penning as a caption: "Lilah Ray Roloff. Born November 19th at 6:52pm. 8lbs 9ounces."

5. And Then There Is This Photo

And Then There Is This Photo
What is there to even say, right? This ought to be hung in a museum, based on the look on Jackson's face upon meeting his sister.

6. Amy and Lilah

Amy and Lilah
Grandma is all smiles as she cradles her third grandchild in our very first picture of Amy and Lilah. We're sure it won't be the last.

7. And Now a Few Words from Grandma...

And Now a Few Words from Grandma...
"My grand-daughter has my heart and is loved so much already. She’s beautiful and precious and a blessing to our family. I’m so looking forward to watching baby girl grow up, see Jackson and Lilah hang out and spending grandma time with them. Congrats Zachary and Tori. You two are amazing parents. Love you I couldn’t be happier and more excited to be a grandma again."

8. Matt and Lilah

Matt and Lilah
You better believe Matt was also on hand in the hospital. He looks pretty darn psyched to be a grandfather again, doesn't he?

9. And Now a Few Words from Grandpa...

And Now a Few Words from Grandpa...
"Lilah Ray Roloff born 11/19/19. Another absolutely precious grand baby .. love her sooo much already!"

10. Jeremy and Lilah

Jeremy and Lilah
Is that a toy Woody in Jeremy's hand as he holds Lilah? How totally precious, right?!?

11. And Now a Few Words from an Uncle...

And Now a Few Words from an Uncle...
"Welcome to the family, Lilah Ray Roloff. I’m so excited to get to know you," he wrote to his first photo with his first niece.

12. And a Few Words from This Website...

And a Few Words from This Website...
We're just so very happy for Tori and Zach, especially considering some of the struggles the new mom admitted to going through in her pregnancy.

13. Such As?

Such As?
“This pregnancy has been a lot harder on me than the last. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve been so lucky … I’m not sick (anymore) and I haven’t had any complications (thank the lord). However, I have had a harder time accepting my body this go around,” she admitted in July. “I’ve gotten bigger a lot faster than I did with Jackson and I’ve become a lot more insecure. Hearing people ask me if I’m sure it’s not twins definitely does not help (for all our sakes-don’t ever ask a woman this question. Like ever). It’s been hard to really enjoy this pregnancy because I’ve let my own body image issues get in the way.”

14. That Wasn't All, Either

That Wasn't All, Either
In September, Tori shared with fans that she was “struggling” as her due date neared. Not being able to handle taking care of her house and family on her own was taking its toll, despite all the ways in which her husband helped.

15. Who's Next?

Who's Next?
Audrey Roloff! She and Jeremy will welcome a son into the world in early January. What exciting times for this family!

16. Jackson and Lilah

Jackson and Lilah
Jackson is seriously gonna be the best big brother -- EVER!

17. Just a Few Days Old

Just a Few Days Old
Tori shared this picture of her newborn just a few days after she entered the world.

18. New Mother of Two

New Mother of Two
Tori Roloff is now a mother of two. And she can't stop giving us adorable look at her perfect young ones.

19. Happy for the Holidays

Happy for the Holidays
What a holiday photo, right? Tori and Zach are now a family of four, as they show off here on Instagram.

20. The Storm Delivers

The Storm Delivers
AWWW! Look at the precious newborn this storm delivered to Tori and Zach Roloff, LOL.

21. Go Seattle Seahawks!

Go Seattle Seahawks!
Little Lilah is being given no choice in regard for which football team she'll be growing up rooting for.

22. Jackson! With Lilah!

Jackson! With Lilah!
OMG. What a glorious photo. Tori shared this one of both her kids just about two weeks after Lilah was born.

23. Lilah Roloff at 3 Months

Lilah Roloff at 3 Months
Lilah Roloff is three months old in this photo. What a precious little chunker, right?!?

24. Lilah Roloff at 5 Months

Lilah Roloff at 5 Months
Lilah Roloff is 5 months old! Her mother shared this sweet photo in honor of the occasion.

25. Lilah at 6 Months

Lilah at 6 Months
Lilah is six months old, you guys! She is getting so big, so fast.

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