Tinsley Mortimer: My Fiance FORCED Me to Quit The Real Housewives!

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While it's true that Tinsley Mortimer wasn't always the most popular Real Housewife, fans were bummed at the news that she's quitting the series.

But it turns out that she didn't drop The Real Housewives of New York City entirely of her own accord.

Tinsley Mortimer and Scott Kluth

Luann de Lesseps was the one to confirm that Tinsley is leaving the show, but People were able to get a little more info.

"Scott gave her an ultimatum: ‘me or the show,’ and she chose him,” an insider reveals about Tinsley's fiance.

“He loves the limelight," the source characterizes of Scott Kluth.

The insider notes that he enjoys fame itself "but hated the negative effect the show had on their relationship."

Tinsley Mortimer Reveals the Truth

"And Tinsley," the source continues, "she’s desperate to make the relationship work."

It sounds like timing may hae been on Scott's side, too.

The insider notes that Tinsley had experienced friction with her castmates "and was on the outs with the group as it was."

We suppose that there's no better time to blackmail someone into abandoning their career for your love.

Tinsley Mortimer Cries

When faced with a difficult choice, apparently Tinsley looked at present circumstances and realized that it wasn't so impossible.

"It was much easier for her to walk away from the friendships she was never going to have," the source says.

The insider add that Tinsley had resolved "to fight for the relationship she always wanted."

Is the relationship that she had always wanted with someone who would make her choose? Apparently so.

Tinsley Mortimer in 2014

It's no secret that Tinsley and Scott have had their relationship ups and downs.

In fact, it was already well known that it was blamed on the downsides of Tinsley's reality career.

Back in June, while the couple was on a break, Tinsley acknowledged the strain that The Real Housewives had placed upon her romance.

"He tried,” she said of Scott at the time. “It was just too much for him.”

Tinsley Mortimer Instagram Photo

“My life is my life,” Tinsley affirmed back in June. “The show is an important part of my life."

"I understand that there are people that don’t always want to be exposed to that," she acknowledged.

Tinsley then continued: "And I can’t assume that they would. It’s a give and a take."

Clearly, she felt that there was too much take at the moment, and opted to pursue her relationship.

Tinsley Mortimer Photo

On Saturday, Luann wished Tinsley all of the best on her new, much more personal life journey.

"She seems very happy and I want her to be happy and get married," Luann affirmed.

The Countess explained: "That’s what she wants to do. She’s very traditional."

"She wants to have a baby," Luann pointed out. "It’s time."

Tinsley Mortimer Pic

Luann then poked a little fun at her own relationship history, which of course included an almost comically brief marriage.

"I just hope there’s not [an alcohol-fueled fight] and the whole thing doesn’t implode," she joked.

As uncomfortable as we are with reports that Tinsley made this decision due to an ultimatum, we hope that at least this makes her happy.

And she'll probably have better odds at returning to the show if this doesn't work out than she would at romancing Scott again if she leaves the show later.

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