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It’s only been a year since Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison on sexual assault charges.

But because he’s fabulously wealthy and can afford to endlessly appeal his conviction, the disgraced comedian was back in court today.

Bill Cosby, Pre-Sentencing

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that Cosby’s appeal was denied and he was sent shuffling back to his cell in cuffs.

A trio of judges reached the decision to deny Cosby’s appeal today.

His lawyers had argued that he was denied a fair trial when he first appeared in court on allegations that he had sexually assaulted Andrea Constand.

Bill Cosby Booking Pic

The assault took place in 2004 at Cosby’s home in Philadelphia.

However, Cosby was not convicted until September of 2018 when dozens of women came forward alleging that they had been sexually assaulted by the formerly beloved actor and comedian.

Constand’s was the only allegation that wasn’t exempt from prosecution due to the statute of limitations in sexual assault cases.

Ironically, Cosby’s lawyers argued that the many other allegations against him were among the factors that prevented him from receiving a fair trial, as the jury was biased against him before any evidence was presented.

Good Riddance, Bill
(PA correction facility)

“Indeed, not only did the PBA (Prior Bad Acts) evidence tend to establish a predictable pattern of criminal sexual behavior unique to Appellant, it simultaneously tended to undermine any claim that Appellant was unaware of or mistaken about Victim’s failure to consent to the sexual contact that formed the basis of the aggravated indecent assault charges," Judge John Bender wrote in his decision.

"Thus, both exceptions applied to the circumstances of this case.”

Not surprisingly, the appellate judges saw the case quite differently than Cosby’s attorneys.

Bill Cosby in a Courtroom

In their opinion, they wrote that the allegations of Cosby’s other victims “established Appellant’s unique sexual assault playbook.”

Bizarrely, the defense team echoed the remarks made in Cosby’s first prison interview:

The 82-year-old believes he’s being oppressed and remains confident that he’ll eventually be exonerated:

“Mr. Cosby remains hopeful and he stands behind his innocence,” one attorney told the press today.

Well, we guess he’ll have a lot of time to think about how innocent he is as he serves out the remaining years of his sentence.