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Ever since the Southern Charm Reunion back in August, fans have been updated only by social media and by the stars speaking at Bravocon.

And it turns out that they may have to wait, because Bravo has put the show on hiatus while they do a very special talent search.

Southern Charm Cast Pic
Photo via Bravo

Disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is a criminal, a failed politician, and a general douchecanoe.

He is also no longer welcome on Southern Charm.

That’s what happens when multiple women accuse you of rape and allegations claim that you have made major payouts in the past to silence accusers.

There is, however, an unfortunate downside to the otherwise delightful banishment of Thomas.

Thomas Ravenel, Pinky Ring
Photo via Instagram

RadarOnline reports that Bravo is currently delaying the show’s production for the next season while they conduct a talent search.

Producers are in the market for someone to fill the void left by Thomas.

A fresh face can do a lot for a reality series.

We are assuming that they’re looking for someone who embodies Thomas’ spoiled rich white manchild vibes but lacks his "dark side."

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions

Searching for talent for the new season of course means delays before the new season airs, or even begins principle photography.

"The cast has been told that filming will start next year," an insider reveals.

The source explains: "which is almost six months later than they usually start."

"This means that they won’t start receiving paychecks until cameras start rolling," the insider points out.

Southern Charm Glamping Photo
Photo via Instagram

For most Americans, a paycheck being just one week later than expected could put them into financial turmoil.

That’s how the world works when the economy is a screaming nightmare. Nobody can save much at all.

However, though the Southern Charm stars enjoy their paychecks from Bravo, most have the financial resources to wait six months.

It probably makes production a lot easier when your stars are aleady from the social elite.

Ashley Jacobs Crashes the Party

Patricia Altschul, of course, is by far the wealthiest member of the cast, with a net worth of $20 million.

After her, Shep Smith is the most affluent of the stars, with an estimated $4 million to his name.

Stars like Cameran Eubanks may not be swimming in dough by the show’s standards, but $1.5 million is no laughing matter.

Even stars like Kathryn Dennis with an estimated net worth below $1 million aren’t exactly paupers.

Southern Charm Reunion Part 2, 2018
Photo via Bravo

We should also point out that Southern Charm stars actually have made a bit of money in between seasons.

Cameran, Patricia, Kathryn, Shep, Austen, and Craig each made $5,000 just last month, when they appeared at Bravocon.

Some conventions simply invite stars who then make money selling photos and autographs to fans, but not Bravocon.

$5,000 may not be much to a group of (mostly) millionaires, but money is money, and that’s as much as plenty of people make in two months.

Southern Charm Old Cast Photo
Photo via Bravo

So who will fill Thomas’ contentious, toxic shoes next season?

Apparently producers were initially looking at Lee Ravenel, Thomas’ cousin, for the role.

Lee however turned it down, and we’re glad that he did. Giving Thomas even a proxy presence on the show would be inappropriate.

It will be so interesting to see the dynamic on the new season, even if filming won’t begin until 2020.