Kathryn Dennis: I Can PROVE Thomas Ravenel is an Unstable Liar!

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Kathryn Dennis and her disgraced ex, Thomas Ravenel, currently share 50/50 custody of their young children, Kensie and Saint.

The Southern Charm star and the former star's custody fight has become intense.

Thomas lobbed a slew of accusations at Kathryn, the equivalent of claiming that his kids are faulty and that it's the manufacturer's fault.

In response, Kathryn says that Thomas is unstable.

In documents filed with family court, Kathryn is asking Thomas several questions.

She wants him to provide her with documents as well as speak under oath.

Kathryn wants him to prove his accusations against her or zip it.

And she has some accusations of her own. ...

1. There's no love lost between Thomas and Kathryn

There's no love lost between Thomas and Kathryn
After Thomas' accusations against her, Kathryn is hitting back with a serious of intense questions.

2. And the first question is:

And the first question is:
Has Thomas Ravenel hired private investigators to scope out info on Kathryn or even on their children, Kensie and Saint? Kathryn wants to know everything.

3. Drug use?

Drug use?
Thomas was quick to accuse Kathryn in court documents of being a habitual drug user, even going so far as to say that years of testing clean count for nothing because she purchases "synthetic urine." Well, she was only too happy to turn the tables.

4. She wants to know all of Thomas' drug use

She wants to know all of Thomas' drug use
She wants to know which drugs he has taken, legally or illegally, in the past six years. Of any drugs that are legal, she wants to know who prescribed them and which pharmacy filled the prescription. As we all know, there are illegal ways of acquiring legal drugs.

5. And Kathryn has a particular question in mind

And Kathryn has a particular question in mind
In papers filed with the court, Kathryn asks Thomas: "What date was it when you threw a party in your home downtown with illegal drugs present and you informed fellow party participants while standing in the bathroom that mushrooms don’t show up on drug screens?" Oof.

6. Also, he needs to pony up those reciepts

Also, he needs to pony up those reciepts
As we mentioned, Thomas leveled accusations of drug use against Kathryn. She wants him to prove it. Prove that she buys fake pee to pass drug tests. Prove that she's part of some elaborate drug trade with her friends, castmates, and even producers on Southern Charm.

7. Then she pulls out the big guns

Then she pulls out the big guns
Not literal guns, mind you, just a reminder that Thomas should have tried to keep this custody battle amicable because he has zero high ground.

8. Thomas is facing multiple sexual assault accusations

Thomas is facing multiple sexual assault accusations
Kathryn wants Thomas to write up a list of women who have accused him of assault or rape. And that's just the beginning.

9. How many could there be?

How many could there be?
We already know about the accusations of sexual assault from the couple's former nanny, Nanny Dawn. That has resulted in Thomas' arrest and he will stand trial for sexual battery.

10. Hush money?

Hush money?
Kathryn also wants Thomas to come clean about any and all hush money payments he has made to his accusers. One woman has already come forward to say that Thomas assaulted her mother after a date and then bought her silence. Kathryn wants to know how many more there might be.

11. Social media

Social media
Thomas has been known to make and delete social media posts on impulse. Sometimes, those messages are downright nasty. Kathryn is asking that he surrender copies of his social media posts and comments from recent years.

12. Speaking of Thomas' messages

Speaking of Thomas' messages
Part of Kathryn's request includes asking for communications between Thomas and Ashley Jacobs, his controversial ex-girlfriend.

13. And speaking of Ashley ...

And speaking of Ashley ...
Kathryn wants to know if Thomas discussed marriage with Ashley at any point during their on-again, off-again relationship. This may sound like it's just fishing for humiliation, and maybe it is, but we have to remember that Thomas' personal decisions may impact his children -- who are also Kathryn's children.

14. Maybe these questions sound harsh ...

Maybe these questions sound harsh ...
But Thomas accused Kathryn of being a drug-using alcoholic who had, through drinking or neglect, left their children Kensie and Saint with behavior and health problems. Turnabout is fair play.

15. How did Thomas reply?

How did Thomas reply?
Thomas is reportedly seeking a protective order in response to those questions, and has no intention of turning over anything to Kathryn unless forced to by the court.

16. Kathryn is winning ...

Kathryn is winning ...
... In the court of public opinion. As we know, public opinion does not always count in a courtroom. For better or for worse.

17. It's a shame that their children are involved

It's a shame that their children are involved
Notably, none of Kathryn's questions, accusations, or insinuations in any way insulted or maligned their children. We cannot say the same for Thomas and his legal team.

18. Nobody likes Thomas anymore

Nobody likes Thomas anymore
At the end of the day, Thomas was a creep on Southern Charm, and has since been accused of being a rapist. He's not winning any popularity contests these days.

19. Also, when it comes to drug accusations ...

Also, when it comes to drug accusations ...
Kathryn's history with drugs is that she lost custody of her kids after testing positive for marijuana in 2016. Thomas' history is that he went to prison for possession with intent to distribute cocaine, ruining what could have been a promising political career.

20. Thomas claims Kathryn is out to get him

Thomas claims Kathryn is out to get him
he is arguing that Kathryn is making these demands in court to "annoy, embarrass, oppress," or to otherwise give him an undue burden. Some would argue that it's just part of an acrimonious custody battle, and no different from his own team's court filings.

21. As for Kathryn ...

As for Kathryn ...
Kathryn Dennis appears to be living her best life. She's really impressed her castmates and viewers alike with her mature behavior recently on Southern Charm. She loves her children and wants more than her 50/50 split of custody. If fans get their way, she'll have the full custody that she seeks.

22. And besides ...

And besides ...
What if Thomas Ravenel ends up going behind bars for rape? It's statistically unlikely for an accused rapist to actually do time behind bars, but the times are changing and Charleston police and prosecutors clearly feel that they have enough to make their case in court. This custody fight could end up being the least of his worries.

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