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Attending the Southern Charm Reunion special was hard enough for Kathryn Dennis when her thoughts were clearly on her ugly custody battle.

When some of her castmates began to call her out, she became downright fearful.

She openly confessed to them that she’s terrified that her disgraced ex Thomas Ravenel will use their words against her in court.

Kathryn Dennis Issues a Warning

Danni Baird was the most supportive of Kathryn, but she did acknowledge that Kathryn had been distant from her castmates.

"Kathryn gets a lot of passes,” Danni stated on Wednesday night’s Reunion Special.

“It can be perceived as being a little obnoxious or irresponsible," she admitted.

Note how she’s not accusing Kathryn of being either — just acknowledging that the perception may exist.

Danni is firmly in Kathryn’s corner, which is good. She needs that right now.

Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird, All Dressed Up
Photo via Instagram

Kathryn explained why she so often misses calls from her friends.

"I’m used to my phone ringing and it being Thomas or my lawyer or getting news about something else that’s not good," the mother-of-two shared.

Cameran Eubanks pointed out why avoidance is not the best strategy for her.

"But you cannot alienate other people in your life who do not have ill intentions for you," she told Kathryn. "Because you’re going through that."

That’s solid reasoning. This is the last moment when Kathryn should be alienating her friends.

As criticisms mounted — including Austen’s complaints about Kathryn’s behavior on Watch What Happens Live — Kathryn grew visibly concerned.

Almost uncharacteristically subdued at times, she was also very blunt about why she didn’t like hearing everyone’s critiques.

"Thomas is going to bring this up in court just so everyone knows," Kathryn lamented.

She pleaded with her castmates to understand that she is "trying my best" despite everything.

"The focus is on my kids,” Kathryn affirmed. “I can’t be a great friend to anyone [right now]."

Kathryn Dennis with Kensie and Saint
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The beautiful Naomie Olindo acknowledged that the entire cast is sympathetic to Kathryn’s very delicate situation.

"That’s why no one can ever say anything," Naomie said.

She explained that this is "because we don’t want to get in the way of your custody and all that."

Thomas Ravenel is far from the first bitter ex to use words bandied on reality television in custody court.

Danni pointed out that Kathryn is more dependable than people think.

"I can depend on Kathryn, but not all the time," she said honestly.

Kathryn and Thomas now share custody of their children. It’s not quite what either of them wanted.

Additionally, the judge laid down restrictions upon both her and Thomas.

Both have to seek permission from the other in order to bring a significant other around Kensie and Saint.

Either of them may drug test the other at random with very little notice, with results to be shared with the court.

Most significantly, Kathryn is enjoined from drinking while she has physical custody of her children — and so is Thomas.

Photo via Bravo

She also laid down the law with Austren Kroll, warning her that he does not get to question her about her sobriety.

One, she worked very hard after her nightmare of a relationship with Thomas to get to where she is.

Two, every word that he says on camera can and probably will be used as a weapon against her in court.

Kathryn Dennis is not f–king around, you guys.