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The Cinderella Duggar.

That’s the nickname that’s followed Jana Duggar for the bulk of her career in the spotlight.

Jana Duggar on Counting On Photo
Photo via TLC

It’s not that Jana enjoys the company of singing cartoon rodents or has a fetish for glass footwear.

No, the reason Jana is so frequently compared to the gal with the wicked stepsisters is that she seems to spend her life in service to her siblings.

If you know anything about the Duggar clan at all, you probably know that Jana is single.

And since unattached Duggar women are more or less forced to remain at home, Jana spends her days attending to the needs of her family.

Jana Duggar on Counting On: A Photo
Photo via TLC

Jana will turn 30 next month, and while being unmarried past the age of 29 is no big deal in most sane sectors of society, it’s a very big deal for the Duggars.

From a young age, Duggar women are taught that propcreation is basically their primary reason for being.

The Quiverfull movement which provides the basis for some of the the family’s most strictly held beliefs teaches that it’s a sin for women to refrain from popping out blessings during their prime child-bearing years.

So Jana is something of an ironic figure, in that she’s pissing off her famously prude parents by not gettin’ it on.

Jana Duggar Instagram Photo
Photo via Instagram

But just because she’s not paired off, that doesn’t mean Jana can’t participate in the other two pursuits the Duggars deem worthy of their time — namely, praisin’ Jesus and building up the family media empire.

Yes, the Duggars are no longer content with simple reality stardom.

No, they’re looking to branch out, which is why we’re seeing Jessa Duggar food videos and other online content from Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring.

Jana might not be qualified to offer advice on how to deal with picky eaters, but there’s one aspect of child-rearing she understands very well.

Jana Duggar on the Beach
Photo via Instagram

In a recent Instagram Story, Jana offered fans advice on how to cut down on clutter in a house full of kids.

“Sometimes I feel like I become ‘clutter blind.’ Things tend to pile up over time, especially when it comes to clothes!” Jana told her fans.

“Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the mess and amount of things you own? I know I do," she continued.

"I just have way too many things! Most of it hardly gets used. That’s why I am purging my closet! So here it goes," Jana added.

Jana In LA
Photo via Instagram

"I’m pulling everything out, sorting through it and putting it into three separate piles.”

In case you’re interested in adopting Jana’s technique, those three piles are "keep," "hold onto," and "throw away."

One person who’s definitely interested in Jana’s approach to de-cluttering is Anna Duggar, who just welcomed her sixth child last month.

"You are so inspiring!” Anna commented on the clip. “Some day I hope to be as organized as you are!”

So Jana’s siblings and in-laws are supportive of her lifestyle — we’re just not sure we can say the same about her parents.