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After gaining the upper hand in his custody war with Kathryn Ravenel, you might think that noted criminal Thomas Ravenel would keep quiet for a while.

Just kidding — the failed politician and disgraced former reality star wouldn’t know how.

Instead, he’s airing his awful opinions to anyone who will listen, and absolutely trashing Southern Charm … while claiming that he’s "just kidding."

Thomas Ravenel on Charm
Photo via BRAVO

Thomas may not be welcome on Southern Charm anymore, but Twitter has no such standards, and Thomas is using the platform to speak out.

"There’s this stupid rumor that I want to go back to Southern Charm," Thomas begins.

He then asserts: "I wouldn’t go back for $1,000,000 per episode."

"But if they want to discuss $1,000,001 per ep," Thomas clumsily jokes. "I might consider it. Lol."

"Please don’t misunderstand," Thomas continues.

Perhaps he imagines that he somehow got people’s hopes up.

"All kidding aside," he writes. "I hope the show does well and thrives,"

Thomas clarifies: "But without me being a part of it."

Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm
Photo via Bravo

A wise fan jumped in and replied to Thomas, writing: "Trust and believe honey, we don’t want you back!"

"Then you should not worry yourself about it," Thomas’ own reply reads.

He announces: "I’m never coming back and I made a joke. Bye bye."

Well, that’s a relief! We prefer to see his face on his various mugshots rather than on reality television.

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot
Photo via Charleston County Sheriff office

Thomas has also been using social media to espouse his horrendous political opinions.

We don’t merely believe that he’s a Donald Trump supporter, though that’s no real surprise. Water will always find its own level.

But he seems very proud of his tweets in which he totally misunderstands foreign policy and fiscal policy.

He clearly doesn’t understand the depths of his confusion, which is why he advertises it freely on Twitter. What a clown.

Thomas Ravenel at the Reunion
Photo via Bravo

The only thing on Thomas’ Twitter worse than his political views are his piss-poor attempts at jokes.

His career as a comedian would be even more short-lived than his foray into politics was.

In the mean time, we suppose that he’s focused on being a father, as he has Kensie and Saint for a week and a half out of every fortnight.

Poor Kathryn has since taken to Twitter to claim that she’s totally fine with the new custody arrangement.

Thomas Ravenel Pic
Photo via Instagram

"Just want to let my fans hear from me officially that Thomas and I have resolved all matters related to our children," her tweet this week begins.

She expresses: "I believe that this joint custody arrangement is in our children’s best interests."

"Happy to move forward," Kathryn claims.

Her very formal tweet concluded: "Thank y’all for all of your patience,support & love."

Thomas Ravenel
Photo via Bravo

Thomas was apparently so proud of his "$1,000,001 per episode" joke that he has it as his pinned tweet at the moment.

It’s important to remember that, for many people, growing up in a rich family is detrimental to vital brain functions such as self-awareness.

But Thomas cannot blame his crimes on his family or on Patricia Altschul.

The choices that he makes as an adult are his alone.