Darcey Silva Gets Caught Cheating on Tom Brooks, Responds With Bonkers Social Media Rant

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We've known for quite some time that Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks are no longer together.

But 90 Day Fiance producers may want to consider re-upping their contracts anyway, as these two are still constant sources of drama.

Tom and Darcey Silva

(Of course, Darcey's unique brand of drunken insanity will always be too much for any ensemble show. We'd say TLC should give her a spin-off, but she strikes us as the type of personality that viewers might prefer in small doses.)

Last month, we reported on how Tom teamed up with Darcey's other ex, Jesse Meester, in order to expose her as the manipulative narcissist they claim she is.

Now, Tom has found another unlikely ally in the form of Darcey's alleged cheating partner -- some Brit named Michael.

Yes, despite her constant, sh-tfaced declarations of undying love, it seems it was Darcey who was unfaithful in the end.

Darcey and Tom

And apparently, European men continue to float her boat.

Michael recently came forward with his allegation of infidelity, and the man has receipts aplenty, including the photo below, which appears to show him locking lips with Darcey. Busted.

In a lengthy tirade posted to his now-private Instagram account, Michael revealed that he recently reached out to Tom and informed him that he and Darcey had been having an affair.

“Let’s get this straight she leaded [sic] me on to believe she was in love with me, spent seven days with me telling me she loved me, for months played with my emotions. It’s all bulls–t,” Michael wrote.

Darcey IG 1

“I want her out my life and I want out of this drama fake love it’s heartless she got her extra followers. Anyways, take care Darcey,” Michael continued.

Rather tellingly, Darcey opted not to address the cheating allegations directly.

Instead, she blathered about how fierce and independent she is -- this, despite the fact that we've now watched her chase uninterested dudes across several countries, like some lovelorn Carmen San Diego.

“No man will control me or manipulate me again! I’m my own woman! Staying strong,” Silva wrote.

“Ready for the real deal and a real man! Been there done that! Bye boys! The right man for me will be confident, sexy and cool! I will never settle for less,” she added.

Darcey IG 2

“Moving on up! Users are just flings! No more vindictive men! So over it! Thank you next!" Darcey rambled on, fully quoting Ariana Grande in her forties.

"Only want the best! Not needy or desperate here! Want a secure man who’s strong and loving.”

Like we said, the usual unhinged ramblings from Darcey, who more than likely got into the prosecco prior to posting her tirade.

Sounds like it might be a while before Ms. Silva finds her Mr. Darcey (sorry).

But hey, at least this time, she didn't blame her innocent twin sister for her romantic setbacks.

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