Kailyn Lowry Announces Podcast Hiatus, Hints at Legal Trouble

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Kailyn Lowry appears to be in trouble with the law.

Or, at the very least, something adjacent to Kailyn Lowry appears to be in trouble with the law.

Allow us to explain...

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On Monday, the veteran Teen Mom star took fans by unfortunate surprise when she announced on Twitter that she and co-host Lindsie Chrisley will not be releasing any new podcasts in the near future.

Due to the holidays?

Because, like many television shows, Coffe Convos is simply taking a break until some time in early 2020?

No, actually. It sounds very much as if this hiatus was not by choice.

a Kailyn Lowry tweet

"Due to circumstances beyond our control, we're not able to record our show right now," Lowry explained ominiously on Twitter, adding in even more cryptic fashion:

Please stay tuned for exclusive content on our social media channels. Looking forward to being back with you in January! *This is legally all we can comment at this moment unfortunately*

Weird, right? And intriguing?

Speaking to In Touch Weekly shortly after making this annoouncement, Kailyn didn't expound very much on whatever is going on at the moment.

Kailyn Lowry on the Air

In a brief interview with this tabloid, the Teen Mom 2 star said "n regards to Coffee Convos, the [Twitter] statement that was released is all we are allowed to say at this time.

"We look forward to turning over a new leaf with fresh content for the new year."

What legal issue could possibly be the hold-up here?

We're only gonna hazard a guess down below, but we have a strong feeling it has less to do with Kailyn and a lot more to do with her podcasting partner.

Kailyn Lowry Has 3 Kids

Todd Chrisley, as you may or may not be aware, is under investigation for tax evasion.

As part of this scandal, it's recently been revealed that the former USA Network personality tried to blackmail daughter Lindsie with the release of her sex tape.

According to these stories, Todd came into possession of a NSFW video featuring her daughter and an ex-lover and that he threatened to release it unless Lindsie lied to authorities on his behalf and helped him cover up this alleged tax evasion scheme.

Todd Chrisley with Lindsie Chrisley

Did this really happen? Maybe.

Is Todd Chrisley a total slimeball who would very clearly do something like this? Absolutely.

Although Lowry emphasized on social media that she isn't “legally” allowed to say anything else, this didn’t stop fans from speculating about whether her friend's famiily drama is the blame here.

“Hey @KailLowry [and] @LindsieChrisley, like this tweet if it has something to do with Todd Chrisley [and] his family,” one fan wrote in response. 

Todd and Lindsie Chrisley

As you might expect, neither podcast host replied to this question.

But their silence speaks for itself, don't you think?

This sounds like it sucks for Kailyn, but she's likely happy for any distraction from that whole Nazi remark she recently made.

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