Joe Giudice Trying Not to Be Bitter as Teresa Inches Towards Divorce

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Joe Giudice was deported to Italy, a country he has never known. His lost appeal is destroying his daughters. And it may be destroying him, too.

He posted a somewhat cryptic message on social medai. Is he just missing home, or is he pissed at Teresa for planning to divorce him?

Joe Giudice Selfie

You know those accounts that just share trite feel-good sayings and vague spiritual advice? Well, Joe's Instagram is headed in that direction.

"Life is too short to be angry," reads a post that he shared. "Life is too short to be resentful."

"Life is too short to hold on to the past," Joe's post continues. "Life is too short not to love."

"Life is too short not to be happy," the text reads. "Life is too short not to forgive."

Joe Giudice generic feelgood IG post

"Life is too short not to live our lives the way we want it," the bloated message continues.

"Love life," the text demands, even after repeating that life is apparently too short for a lot of experiences. "Appreciate the people in it."

"Enjoy the present," Joe's post instructs, though it is fortunately not the boss of us. "Seize the moment."

"Life is worth living for, so let’s LIVE!" the exhausting Instagram post concludes.

teresa giudice reply to joe ig very true

Before we delve into why this may have been on Joe's mind, we should note that his post received approval.

Teresa Giudice commented, writing: "Very true."

She also included a heart eyed emoji, which was very sweet.

But the post did have many fans if Joe was talking about one topic in particular, especially since it has his wife's endorsement.

Joseph Giudice

Is Joe steeling himself for a long-distance divorce from the love of his life?

Talking about letting go of anger and embracing foregiveness is often advice that people are given before, during, and after a divorce.

Joe also seems to believe that Teresa cheated on him while he was in prison and she was photographed with a younger hottie.

Was Teresa encouraging Joe to forgive her for divorcing him now that he's on the opposite side of the Atlantic?

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

It's always possible, especially as more and more remorts insist that divorce is imminent whether the Giudices like it or not.

But ... maybe there's another, simpler explanation.

Joe has just been deported from the only country that he's ever known to the land of his ancestors.

He's missing his wife. He's missing his four beautiful, amazing daughters.

Joe Giudice and Family

What if Joe's post was nothing more than a reminder to himself that he needs to not focus upon the injustice of his deportation?

It certainly seems like the most likely significance to his somewhat goofy post.

Joe is probably feeling isolated, powerless, and understandably bitter.

Buying into some morally questionable self-help advice might at the very least help him to stave off the bitterness and misery threatening to consume him.

Joe & Teresa Giudice Image

There's always the possibility that Joe, who may be less social media savvy than Teresa, was just sharing what struck him as being good advice.

Believe it or not, some famous people don't understand that their platform leaves their every word up to fan interpretation.

We remain saddened by what has happened to the Giudice family. Joe served his time behind bars; there was no need for deportation.

We don't know if or how Joe and Teresa will make it work. We suspect that they do not, either. Only time will tell.

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