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If you’re one of the many Teen Mom fans who considers Kailyn Lowry to be one of the franchise’s most thoughtful and intelligent stars, you may not want to read any further.

We’re sad to report that Kail just blew that perception out of the water with an egregiously boneheaded tweet.

Worse, it seems she’s planning to stand by her ignorance rather than apologizing for it.

As you may know, Lowry is an anti-vaxxer, and her youngest son, Lux, has not received the shots that are mandated by law in many parts of the world.

Mountains of scientfic evidence contradict Kail’s views on this matter, but she’s entitled to express her opinion.

However, she’s not entitled to drag well-known victims of the Holocaust into her argument, which is exactly what she did this week.

Take a look: