Kailyn Lowry: People Who Want Me to Vaccinate My Kid Are Nazis!

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If you're one of the many Teen Mom fans who considers Kailyn Lowry to be one of the franchise's most thoughtful and intelligent stars, you may not want to read any further.

We're sad to report that Kail just blew that perception out of the water with an egregiously boneheaded tweet.

Worse, it seems she's planning to stand by her ignorance rather than apologizing for it.

As you may know, Lowry is an anti-vaxxer, and her youngest son, Lux, has not received the shots that are mandated by law in many parts of the world.

Mountains of scientfic evidence contradict Kail's views on this matter, but she's entitled to express her opinion.

However, she's not entitled to drag well-known victims of the Holocaust into her argument, which is exactly what she did this week.

Take a look:

1. Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line
Kailyn Lowry is an outspoken anti-vaxxer. Her views on the matter have generated a great deal of controversy in recent months, but even those who agree with Kail on the matter of mandated inoculation might feel that her latest argument is out of line.

2. The Backstory

The Backstory
Last week saw an unexpected controversy surrounding Kail's relationship with her Teen Mom 2 co-star and best friend, Leah Messer.

3. The Recruiter

The Recruiter
In case you missed it, Leah has become involved with a controversial organization that some have described as a cult, and she's recently taken to recruiting her social media followers into the program.

4. Called Out

Called Out
Kail cautioned one of Leah's recruits against joining the program, and the woman went public with screenshots of their conversation.

5. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
Lowry took to Twitter to assure fans that despite the controversy, she and Leah are still the best of friends.

6. The OTHER Controversy

The OTHER Controversy
But the conversation took an unexpected turn when a follower posted this screenshot of a truly offensive meme that Kail tweeted and deleted.

7. Explain Yourself

Explain Yourself
"I wonder how she feels about this though," the follower tweeted. "I would really like you to explain yourself."

8. Oh, No

Oh, No
Yes, Kail really tweeted a meme suggesting that people who are in favor of vaccinations are on par with the Nazis who killed Anne Frank and 6 million other Jews during the Holocaust.

9. Standing Her Ground

Standing Her Ground
And while Lowry has since deleted the meme, for reasons that defy logic, she refuses to disavow it.

10. Nice Try

Nice Try
"This is from a vaccine account and completely unrelated," Lowry tweeted in an effort to shut down the conversation.

11. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
As several fans pointed out, you can't just throw up your hands and cry, "Not from my account!" after you retweet something offensive. Social media has been around long enough that we all know the rules at this point.

12. So Wrong

So Wrong
Some fans seemed hopeful that they had misinterpreted the meme, and Kail did not intend to liken pro-vax parents to Hitler. But it seems that was indeed the intent here.

13. A Poignant Response

A Poignant Response
Sadly, the meme had already gained traction before Kail retweeted. It's so popular, in fact, that the Auschwitz Memorial Museum has issued a response via its official account.

14. An Apology Is Needed

An Apology Is Needed
"Instrumentalization of the tragedy of people who suffered and died in concentration camps as a result of ideology of hatred in order to argue against vaccination that save human lives is a symptom of moral and intellectual degeneration," the center tweeted.

15. A Cowardly Way Out?

A Cowardly Way Out?
Many fans stated that they are not persuaded by Kail's decision to delete the tweet, as she has yet to speak out against it.

16. Speaking Their Minds

Speaking Their Minds
"I have asked her numerous times to apologize," one fan tweeted. "I find this extremely offensive," another replied.

17. Missing the Point

Missing the Point
And many pointed out that Kail's argument that the vaccine tweet is unrelated to her point about Leah amounts to a lame attempt to dismiss an important issue.

18. The Crisis Is Real

The Crisis Is Real
Others called Kail's attention to the growing health crises in other parts of the world as a means of highlighting the importance of vaccines.

19. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
Many fans didn't mince words in their responses, and while some may have crossed the line, their replies serve as a reminder of the vital importance of this issue.

20. Standing Firm

Standing Firm
Though it's not something that she frequently discusses on social media, Kail's commitment to not vaccinating her youngest child is firm and unwavering.

21. A Vital Issue

A Vital Issue
While the consensus among the scientific community is that child vaccines are necessary for the continued health of any society, it's worth noting that some Americans are distrustful of the pharmaceutical industry, and thus, are fearful of vaccines.

22. A Crucial Convo

A Crucial Convo
Regardless, parents who are resistant to having their children vaccinated should be repeatedly -- but civilly -- educated on the matter and made aware of the risks they're taking not only with their own children, but with the lives of others, as well.

23. More to the Matter?

More to the Matter?
Perhaps Kail has a reason for being fearful, such as health issues with her older children that the public is not aware of.

24. The Importance of Empathy

The Importance of Empathy
If that's the case, it would be her right to keep such issues to herself, and those arguing in favor of vaccines should bear in mind that there might be a reasoning behind her stance that we're not aware of.

25. Progress

Whatever the case, here's hoping for more constructive discourse -- and more vaccinated children! -- in 2020!

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