Kailyn Lowry: Accused of Animal Abuse?!

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If you've watched Teen Mom 2 for a while, you've probably noticed that Kailyn Lowry seems to be a dog person, right?

She's had dogs for years now, she posts about them on social media and they're featured on the show.

Unfortunately, thanks to a certain new development, lots of people are very upset with her about the way she treats her pets.

But like, super upset ...

1. A Look Back

A Look Back
Kailyn's life was very unstable in the beginning of Teen Mom 2, but as soon as things started to settle down for her, she got herself some dogs.

2. Puppies!

It's hard to keep up with all of them, but she's had French bulldogs, as well as Bear, her Rottweiler, who sadly had to be put down recently.

3. Dog Mom

Dog Mom
And even though she certainly has her share of haters, we can't really remember anyone saying anything bad about how she treated her dogs.

4. Well ...

Well ...
Until now, of course.

5. Meet Karma

Meet Karma
So a few months ago, Kail got a puppy -- a Cane Corso she named Karma.

6. So Sweet

So Sweet
Ever since she got her, she's been open about how obsessed she is with her. She's posted tons of pictures and updates about her, and it seems like she's really taking great care of her.

7. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
There's been just one issue -- her ears.

8. Ouch

Karma's ears are cropped, meaning that someone went in and hacked part of them off because they thought it looked cooler than the floppier ears she was bron with.

9. Poor Dog

Poor Dog
And yeah, some breeders claim that there are health benefits to cropping ears, but it's just not true. Several other countries (Canada and Australia, to name a couple) have made it illegal, but unfortunately it still happens pretty often in the U.S.

10. Fair

"OK, but this is old news," you may be thinking. "She got the dog a while ago and everyone had this discussion then, so why bring it back up?"

11. Here We Go

Here We Go
Well, friends, we're bringing it back up because Kailyn just got a brand new puppy, another Cane Corso from a different breeder.

12. Not Cool

Not Cool
And this dog's ears are cropped, too!

13. What a Cutie!

What a Cutie!
Here's the new puppy! She doesn't have a name picked out yet, or if she does she hasn't announced it, but the puppy is a boy this time around.

14. No Good

No Good
As you can see in the photo she shared, the cropped ears are in plain sight.

15. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
And boy, did a lot of people get upset about it.

16. Adorable

"Adorable but his poor ears," one of her followers commented on the photo. "I hope it doesn’t hurt them."

17. Burn

"Why do you crop your dogs ears?" another person asked. "In most countries it's illegal. It definitely should be outlawed in the States- a so called First World country."

18. Team Floppy

Team Floppy
As one person wrote, "LET THE EARS FLOP, DONT CROP!!!!!!! Such a horrible thing to put a dog thru...."

19. Nooo

One of her followers said that if you look closely, you can even see the stitches in the dog's ears -- "Look at the stitches in that poor pups ears!! Why would you buy puppy who has been mutilated?? He's just a baby.."

20. More Outrage

More Outrage
In addition to the ear issue, there's also a lot of outrage that she bought another expensive dog from a breeder instead of rescuing a dog. As one particularly passionate person put it, "2.7 million dogs killed in shelters each year and this is your Christmas solution. Your priorities have always been jacked TF up."

21. No Forgiveness

No Forgiveness
Another issue -- she really did get a whole lot of hate for this -- was that she got another Cane Corso at all, as the breed has a bad reputation for being aggressive.

22. Rude

"You are too inexperienced to ever handle a dog like that!! They are beyond dangerous, it is imbedded in their genetics!" a follower told her.

23. Really?

One person simply told her "Those dogs kill people," and that's when she decided to clap back.

24. She's Not Wrong

She's Not Wrong
"People kill people," Kailyn responded. "You still surround yourself with them, right?

25. Not Having It

Not Having It
And speaking of clapping back, she did it again one of of the comments about the ear cropping.

26. Poor Baby

Poor Baby
"Look at those freshly chopped ears," the comment read. "That poor baby. But you like the look, right? Doesn’t matter that it hurt him, right?"

27. An Interrogation

An Interrogation
"Do you have a son?" Kailyn replied. "Did you have him circumsised?"

28. No Reason

No Reason
Someone told her that it wasn't a fair comparison because there's no reason to crop a dog's ears, and she said "And there's really no valid reason for circumcision other than cosmetic."

29. Huh?

When some comments took issue with her comparison, she seemed to get flustered, writing "I don't judge what people do! I'm making a point."

30. Done

That looks to be the last reply she made, but the critical comments just keep pouring in. Her followers are really, really upset about this.

31. Yikes

What an absolute mess, right?

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