Todd Chrisley: My Daughter Lindsie is a Lying Skank Traitor!!

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Last week, poor Lindsie Chrisley sat down with talk show host and walrus-American Dr. Phil.

There, she revealed that her father accused her of having an affair with a tax official whom he believed to be wanting fame and glory.

Now her father, accused of trying to blackmail her into helping him, has put out a statement -- and claims that she's lying.

Lindsie Chrisley and Terrible Dad

First, to recap Lindsie's words to Dr. Phil.

"I started receiving texts that were talking about how I needed to be able to help [Todd and Julie] and could he meet with me," Lindsie shared.

"He asked me if I could meet him in Chattanooga, Tennessee," she added.

"I thought maybe he's going to tell me sorry for things that have happened over the past couple of years," Lindsie expressed.

"But when I got there," she revealed dramatically. "It was a completely different story."

Lindsie Chrisley speaks to Dr Phil

"He just looked at me and hugged me, but I could tell that his guard was up ... I feel like he hugged me out of courtesy," Lindsie recalled.

"He told me that he was going to be indicted for various financial crimes and that [he and Julie] didn't do it," she described.

Lindsie continued; "He asked me multiple times if I had met an individual at Starbucks that he believed was part of the investigation and I said 'no.'"

She recounted: "And he said, 'No, you have.' And I said, 'No, I haven't.'"

It turned out that Todd was convinced that she was meeting with this guy and that "there was an affair going on."

Lindsie Chrisley Photograph

"I said, 'No, that's not the truth,'" Lindsie continued to Dr. Phil.

"'But while we're on the topic of lies, let's talk about the social media stuff I've endured for the past two years from you and your two minion children,'" she recited.

This is when she received what she calls "the warning" that 23-year-old Chase had  "incriminating evidence" against her

"Nude photos and [he] had obtained this tape for $5,000," Lindsie described.

"At that point, the conversation was over for me," she shared. "My attorney advised me to file the police report."

Todd and Lindsie Chrisley

Dr. Phil gave Lindsie Chrisley the chance to clear the air on the accusations that her awful family has leveled against her.

"Did you back door, secret source the federal government against your family?" he asked Lindsie.

"You were not a whistleblower that turned the federal government onto your family's wrongdoing?" he inquired.

Dr. Phil also asked: "Do you want to bring Chrisley Knows Best to flames?"

Lindsie replied to all of that with: "No."

Todd Chrisley Looks Upset

Now, a rep for the Chrisleys (but not for Lindsie) has issued a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

"Lindsie Chrisley made false statements with regards to not only her involvement with Todd and Julie Chrisley's tax situation," the rep begins.

The statement continues: "But also with Joshua Waites from the Georgia Department of Revenue."

The rep adds: "and also that she was threatened and coerced to make them."

"In June of 2019," the statement claims. "Lindsie Chrisley gave a deposition to Todd Chrisley's lawyers on her own volition."

Todd Chrisley with Wife

"This deposition was on June 8th of 2019," the rep recalls.

The statement notes: "In her interview, which aired yesterday on Dr. Phil, she stated that she was threatened and coerced on June the 7th."

The rep adds: "which was literally the day before the deposition."

Per the statement, this was the deposition "where she voluntarily explains her involvement with Joshua Waites and the investigation by the GDOR."

"In addition, after this deposition, she willingly handed over a multitude of text messages which spanned over an 18-month period between her and Joshua Waites," the rep writes.

"Which," the statement accuses. "Clearly signifies a long-term relationship."

Julie and Todd Chrisley

"By the nature of the text messages, it's clear that she was a willing participant in providing information," the rep claims.

The statement cites: "For example, in one text she says, 'So they are shutting it down.'"

The rep notes that this was "in reference to the Chrisley Knows Best USA reality show that she was fired from."

"This shows her whole motivation and goal in working with Joshua Waites and the GDOR," the statement alleges.

Once again, Todd Chrisley shows hmself to be a real peace of work who will seemingly stop at nothing to take down his own daughter. Gross!

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