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Despite her repeated claims that Shane is nice sometimes, many wonder when The Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson will divorce her husband.

Fans don’t "get" the marriage, and Emily may start to see things their way now that Shane has once again failed the bar exam he routinely ditches her to study for.

Emily Simpson and Shane Simpson Face Off

In February of this year, Shane Simpson took the California bar exam in the hopes of becoming a licensed attorney in America’s most populous state.

He spent hours and even days away from home, studying and preparing for the rigorous examination.

Like nearly 70% of those who took the exam in February, Shane did not pass. He took the test again this summer.

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Unfortunately, his luck was no better. E! News reports that Shane has failed the bar exam for the second time in 2019.

He has no doubt spent months waiting for the results, perhaps confident that he passed, perhaps merely hopeful.

We are sure that this is a disappointment to Shane, who of course wishes to legally practice the law in California.

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But this is also bound to be just as disappointing  for Emily, adding additional stress to an already strained marriage.

Emily has admitted in the past that Shane’s studying for and failure to pass the bar has put a strain on their relationship.

It means that Shane is gone for extended periods of time. It is also an understandable source of frustration for her.

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Emily may feel that Shane is stagnating without a license to practice the law, and taking that out on her in turn.

Combine that with the realities of both being parents into the mix, and that could spell real trouble for their union.

Then there is the extremely apparent problem in their marriage: the way that Shane speaks to and about Emily.

Ask Emily, and she’ll tell you that it’s not a problem, that it’s just his sense of humor. (We aren’t seeing the humor in it, and we doubt we’re alone.)

Shane is the kind of guy who essentially repeats the "ol’ ball and chain" phrase so often that it sounds like he genuinely resents his wife and life.

On camera, knowing that he was being filmed, he told producers that he did not miss his wife and children at all when away from them.

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Is it normal to enjoy some time to yourself? Of course.

But not necessarily to admit as much on camera.

Over and over again, to the point of being rude.

Emily Simpson

Additionally, Shane has shown literally no on-camera interest in fixing the couple’s marriage or modifying his own behavior.

Instead, when Emily brings up marriage counseling, he suggests that since she’s into the idea, she could go to it – alone.

Folks, that is not how couples counseling works.

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Going on your own to see a mental health professional is called going to therapy, and that alone will not fix your relationship.

The one bright spot is that Shane has reportedly improved his behavior in recent weeks following Emily’s hip replacement surgery.

It is an agonizing procedure with an intense recovery period, but Shane has allegedly stepped up during this time, tending to Emily and to the kids.

Will Shane having once again failed to pass the bar exam reopen old wounds – metaphorically speaking – and cause further drama?

Or will Emily continue to wait patiently and put her own happiness on hold while Shane takes it again, and again, and again …