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Fans of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County have wondered for ages when and if Emily Simpson will divorce Shane.

Shane never has nice things to say about his wife. He makes snide remarks. He ignores her attempts to discuss their issues.

Emily Simpson and Shane Simpson Face Off

Now, Emily is speaking out about Shane’s behavior behind closed doors, but her comments are likely to disappoint some viewers.

Andy Cohen played for Emily and the audience a montage of Shane experessing disinterest in Emily, their kids, and his marriage.

"His interviews are devastating," Andy points out.

He then asks point blank, "Are they to you?"

Emily Simpson and Shane Simpson Selfie

"No … because that’s him," Emily answers, though she understands why people at home might watch and feel that way:

She explains: "I know that when other people see him for the first time, they’re like ‘oh my god, I can’t believe he said that.’"

But that doesn’t make a difference to Emily.

"People think that you are definitely going to get divorced," Andy states.

"Yeah, no," Emily replies.

Emily Simpson Is Upset

Andy seems bewildered by the ease with which she answered that, before getting his bearings and saying that he’s happy for her.

He does ask if she’s ever felt hurt by his callous words.

"Yeah," Emily replies casually.

"I mean, I think he’s a dick."

Well, alright then.

Emily Simpson

Emily then reiterates that she’s not clueless or anything, and that she totally understands that Shane is being a huge jerk.

"I’m not trying to make excuses for him," she promises.

She then, well, makes excuses for him.

"But I see a side of him that other people don’t get to see," Emily protests. "So, "I think that’s what makes up for it."

Emily Simpson and Husband Shane Simpson

"I know it sounds awful," Emily continues her half-hearted defense, "but I’m the one who goes home with him at night"

It’s still unclear if that’s a good thing, but Emily says she loves Shane "when we’re alone and he says nice things."

"And he gets me cards," she notes.

"And he writes nice things to me."

Emily Simpson Wears Stripes

As Andy points out, it’s super weird for someone to save their niceness and best behavior for when they’re not on camera.

Most reality stars are the polar opposite.

While we are absolutely not accusing Shane of anything, Emily’s reasoning sounds a little familiar to some fans.

Emily Simpson Smiles

Sometimes, battered partners — again, not what Shane is accused of doing to Emily — make very similar excuses for their abusers.

They’ll say oh, this bruise just came from a bad night, and point out all the good things about their abuser that worried loved ones "just don’t see."

Fans don’t point out this comparison to suggest that Shane is violent, but simply to question why Emily feels the need to defend him.

Emily Simpson Image

She is a famous, beautiful woman. She could find a man who is nice to her off camera and on camera, who never says cruel things.

Of course, considering that Shane’s ex accused him of abuse during their divorce, you can’t fault fans for making that comparison.

Ultimately, it’s Emily’s life, and only she can choose when to divorce Shane – if she ever does.

Emily Simpson Wears Red Velvet

Our biggest worry is that the Simpson children are growing up and hearing their father casually discuss how little he misses his family.

That’s normal behavior for a college student enjoying freedom for the first time. From a husband and father, that’s just dickish.

Shane needs to grow a filter for his mouth and think about what he has to say, no matter what excuses Emily makes for him.

Agree? Disagree? WATCH her eye-opening interview below: