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We don’t normally agree with Tamra Judge, but she may be right when she says that Emily Simpson’s marriage is doomed.

There has been a lot of tension in that marriage, and we’ve seen some of it on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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Recently, fans have seen Shane all but ignore his family in order to "do what he has to do" to pass the California bar exam.

While everyone knows it’s a tough exam and requires a lot of effort, dude was either ghosting Emily or being full-on rude.

Well, he failed to pass the bar exam.

As such, he made his wife feel like crap and still isn’t allowed to practice law in California. Will this spell the end of them?

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E! News reports that they have confirmed that Shane Simpson did in fact fail the infamous bar examination in February.

There are two important updates, however:

The first piece of good news is that he took it again, a couple of months ago, and is currently awaiting the results.

The second reason for hope is that, as an insider further explains: "The pass rate in Feb. 2019 was only 31 percent."

Emily Simpson

"It’s the hardest bar exam in the country," the source adds, and indeed, many legal experts believe this to be true.

Perhaps it wasn’t his fault, in other words, or due to a lack of effort that he came up sort. It’s really damn difficult.

Still, on Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, fans recall that Shane was out of town.

He took the bar exam – which lasts multiple days – hours away from home. While there, he got a hotel room.

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Ostensibly, the hotel room was so that he could continue to study in peace and quiet between testing sessions.

Real talk? Nobody wants to drive multiple hours this way and that, especially in the middle of a test.

To take a test well, you need to be at your best. Learning it all doesn’t do as much good if you can’t think clearly.

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Of course, we’ve already seen how Shane studying for the bar exam the first time around impacted his marriage.

When Shane returned from his (failed) bar exam, Emily spoke to him very directly about their litany of issues.

"I feel very upset and resentful towards you," Emily told him.

She then acknowledged that the feeling is mutual, adding: "And I know you feel upset and resentful towards me."

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That may sound worrisome – it most definitely is – but airing these issues aloud is the first step towards making things better.

However, Emily had more to say to Shane.

A lot more. She clearly does not feel respected by her own spouse, and after seeing him on Bravo, it’s not hard to see why.

"I have trouble with the way that you talk to me sometimes," Emily confessed to her spouse during an emotional exchange.

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She expresses: "I don’t like the condescending tone."

"It’s sarcasm all the time," Emily laments.

She summarizes her displeasure with his treatment of her: "I get tired of being the butt of all your jokes sometimes."

Yeah, that kind of terse treatment and dismissal – which we see frequently on the show – gets very old, very quickly.

Emily Simpson Is Upset

Clearly, things with Shane are far from ideal and have been trending the wrong direction long before this incident.

Emily told him that she wants to go to couples therapy with him to work out their extensive issues as a result.

(Much better than just a quick ambush on camera, of course, even if these are reality stars who play the part.)

Emily Simpson for Season 13

However, Emily has done her best to maintain a healthy perspective and is making her priorities extremely clear.

As she recently wrote on her Instagram account, she knows that her husband is not the center of her universe.

"At the end of the day," Emily shared with her followers.

"All that really matters is what my children think of me."

That is an extremely healthy perspective to have.

Once you have kids, they’re your primary responsibility. Of course, your marriage and how you handle that will influence the kids, as well.

Here’s wishing her the best in a tough situation.