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It’s only been five months since Meghan Markle welcomed her first child.

But given the fact that they went with "Archie" for the kid, it stands to reason that she and Harry would want another crack at the naming process.

A Royal Family Photo

We kid the Sussexes because we love them!

But seriously, folks, word on the street is that Meghan is pregnant with baby number two.

And when we say "the street," we mean social media, because we never actually go outside.

Anyway, as you may have heard, Meghan and Harry are on tour in South Africa at the moment.

Meghan Markle in South Africa

It’s one of Meg’s first royal engagements since becoming a mom, and not surprisingly, she and Harry are being photographed non-stop.

And as with past royal tours, this means Meghan is forced to endure two very specific types of scrutiny:

First, there’s the never-ending commentary about her fashion choices.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re sure a limitless supply of cool clothes from the world’s top designers is one of the major perks of being a royal — but it must be more than a little annoying to catch flak for repeating an outfit while touring a foreign continent.

The other type of constant inspection Meghan is forced to endure comes courtesy of the millions of amateur obstetricians who are forever holding her midsection up to a microscope.

Many of these people are convinced that Meghan is currently expecting her second child.

This conclusion appears to be based on nothing other than a handful of amateur photos.

But hey, let’s indulge the rumor mill for a moment, shall we?

"The camera never lie[s]," a fan named Fanie Jason captioned the pic above.

"Meghan Markle could be pregnant again or my imagination is running ahead of me. Some of the photos I took of Meghan and Harry in Cape Town," she added.

Sure. It’s entirely possible that Meghan is pregnant in this photo.

But it’s possible that this is just a case of an awkward angle.

Meghan Markle Says Yo

It’s also important to point out here that Meghan just passed an entire human being through her birth canal less than half a year ago.

There’s an outside chance that she’s a mere mortal, and is therefore not rocking six-pack abs at the moment.

Harry and Meg say they’re planning to have one more kid, and sadly, this sort of speculation will likely continue until the day they make the announcement.

It’s a sad part of the lifestyle that Meghan signed up for when she married Harry.

But hey, at least her outfits have been on-point!