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Even after recently revealing that she feels that Brad Pitt pressured her into marriage, Angelina Jolie has more tea to spill.

This time, she’s not talking about their marriage, but about their split and their divorce.

Angelina says that she realized that she had lost part of her identity in Brangelina and had to reclaim it.

Angelina Jolie in Peru

Angelina Jolie is doing her press tour for Maleficent: MIstress of Evil, which means that we are doubly blessed by her interviews.

While speaking to Madame Figero, Angelina opened up about ending her marriage to Brad Pitt and filing ofr divorce.

She is the first to admit that, all things considered, it was "a complicated moment."

Even when you know that you’re doing the right thing, it’s normal to have doubts.

"I didn’t recognize myself anymore," Angelina confesses.

Angelina Jolie Looks Gorgeous

Like the rest of us, Angelina cannot perfectly predict the future — she can only guess.

But even then, she knew that her split would be followed by a "period of transition."

"Like a homecoming," Angelina explains.

She goes on to describe it as "a return to [herself].”

“I had lost myself a bit," Angelina laments.

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Additionally, she reflects upon her feelings at the time when her "relationship with Brad was coming to an end."

Angelina says that she felt "smaller, almost insignificant" during her time as part of that power couple.

She says that this was the case "even if it wasn’t necessarily obvious."

"I felt a deep and genuine sadness," Angelina reveals.

She expresses: "I was hurt."

Angelina Jolie at the BAFTAs

Angelina says that spending time outside of that realationship and as a single mom has been good for her.

She has praised the opportunity to "reconnect with this humility and this insignificance.”

She can be humble all that she likes, but insignificant? Never.

“All these things settle in you," Angelina explains.

She continues: "and remind you of how lucky you are of being alive."

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Angelina and Brad share a number of children, the eldest of whom is Maddox.

Now an adult, Maddox was at the heart of the incident that prompted Angelina to file to divorce Brad and to report Brad to the FBI for child-abuse.

Maddox is currently estranged from his fother — and attending a university in South Korea.

"I drop him off,” Angelina revealed in a video. “I know, I’m trying not to cry. … It’s really really exciting."

"It was such an unbelievable moment," she expressed at the time about Maddox reaching this milestone.

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Angelina has been vilified for years, dating back to even before she "stole" Brad from Jennifer Aniston.

In real life, of course, "stealing" a person is kidnapping. Angelina did nothing of the kind.

People angry about Jen and Brad’s breakup need point the finger only at Brad.

These are the same people who were gleeful when Brangelina broke up, and eager to cast Angelina as the villain once again.

That’s just not the role for her in real life, even though she is playing the most iconic villain of all time, Maleficent.