Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Make Red Carpet Debut... AND MEET BEYONCE!

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The two most famous couples in the world met in London on Sunday night, July 14.

We're barely even exaggerating here, as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made their red carpet debut at the European premiere of The Lion King remake this weekend.

And just who did they meet at this event?

None other than Beyonce and Jay-Z!!!!!!!!

Why were they in attendance?

Because Beyonce is the voice of Nala in this film and because the star-studded celebration was actually held in support of Harry’s ongoing conservation work and his service on behalf of communities near endangered wildlife in Africa.

But enough preamble, right?

Scroll down for a look at the epic introduction!

1. Bow Down, Folks

Bow Down, Folks
Talk about a different kind of Royal family! The Duchess meets the Queen B herself in this photo.

2. About Time, Right?

About Time, Right?
They've finally done it! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make their red carpet debut in this photo.

3. Meghan Hugs Beyonce!

Meghan Hugs Beyonce!
It's the hug that's being celebrated around the world. We never thought we'd see this day.

4. What are They Saying?!?

What are They Saying?!?
We would give pretty much anything on the planet to overhear what Bey and Meg were discussing in this photo.

5. The Ultimate Meeting

The Ultimate Meeting
Prince Harry shakes the hand of Jay Z in this epic photograph of maybe the two most famous couples in the world.

6. The Duke and the Queen

The Duke and the Queen
Elizabeth who?!? Prince Harry gives a smooch here to the cheek of an even more respected queen.

7. The Sir and the Duchess

The Sir and the Duchess
It's Sir Elton John! And the Duchess of Sussex! What a beautiful moment for them both.

8. This is So Much Fun!

This is So Much Fun!
It sure looks like Harry and Meghan are having the time of their lives at this premiere, doesn't it?

9. A Very Royal Premiere

A Very Royal Premiere
Harry and Meghan didn't seem nervous at all for the Lion King premiere. They just seemed in love.

10. Hi, Pharrell!

Hi, Pharrell!
Pharrell Williams was more than happy to say hello to Markle, we believe for the first time.

11. Meeting Jon Favreau

Meeting Jon Favreau
His back is to us, but this is a photo of Markle and Harry greeting Lion King director Jon Favreau.

12. Drawing Quite the Crowd

Drawing Quite the Crowd
Attendees, fans and reporters were pretty psyched to see the Duke and Duchess at the premiere.

13. Go Tennis!

Go Tennis!
It was quite a weekend for Markle. She attended Wimbledon and sat with supposed rival Kate Middleton the day before the Lion King opening.

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