Lisa Vanderpump Shades Sarah Paulson in Epic Subtweet: Sarah WHO??

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A few days ago, actress and Real Housewives superfan Sarah Paulson admitted in an interview that she had once met Lisa Vanderpump.

Unfortunately, in her experience, Lisa was not nice at all. Sarah wasn't trying to start something -- she was hooked up to a lie-detector.

Well, Lisa's fans rioted, and Lisa has responded to the claim ... by suggesting that she somehow has no idea who Sarah is. Oh boy. ...

Lisa Vanderpump With a Big Glass of Wine

Lisa Vanderpump got wind of Sarah Paulson's assessment of her character, and opted to respond with a pretty powerful subtweet.

"I meet hundreds of people a week," Lisa's tweet begins.

She continues, writing that she meets these people "in my restaurants at appearances functions and events."

She's a businesswoman and a reality star. It all goes with the territory.

"And normally," Lisa assesses, meeting her is "a very enjoyable experience, lol."

Lisa Vanderpump shades Sarah Paulson tweet

This subtweet's intended target is already obvious.

Now, here comes the shade.

"However," Lisa's tweet concludes. "Knowing who everybody is impossible."

Suggesting that she does not know who Sarah Paulson is is a little wild.

But if you listen to her fans (and let's be honest, her most diehard stans), it's clear that Lisa is not alone.

Lisa Vanderpump Is Everything

Sarah's comments, prompted by a question and made while attached to a lie-detecter, weren't made in malice.

She simply said that she would not miss Lisa's presence on Beverly Hills, though she would miss the effect that Lisa had on the show.

And Sarah explained that she would not personally miss her as they had once met at a party and Sarah did not find her to be "very nice."

But Lisa's fans flipped out all across social media.

A number of them even pretended (or perhaps even confessed) to not know who Sarah even is.

Lisa Vanderpump, Sarah Paulson throwback party pic

Some of Lisa's stans hunted down and pulled up an old photo, which must have been from the party that Sarah mentioned.

It's not immediately clear what these diehard LVP supporters were hoping to somehow prove.

It seems that one, they think that smiling for a photo is proof that one was having a great time with everyone involved.

(Yes, Sarah is holding Lisa's dog, but that's mostly just proof that they met at the party)

And two, it looks like fans are saying that Sarah must have had a great time meeting Lisa, and then fabricated this negative impression.

Sarah Paulson at the Globes

We're not sure what motive an award-winning actress would have to invent a personal dislike of a now former Housewife.

Like ... literally just scratching our heads, wondering what her endgame must be in the minds of LVP fans.

When we first saw the claims by these stans that they don't know who Sarah is, we thought that they were joking or trying to be mean.

Only later, when we kept seeing the claim, did it occur to us that maybe some of these people are telling the truth.

Some of Lisa's fans are older, and while Sarah Paulson is in absolutely everything these days, this may be a generational thing.

Older Housewives fans may not watch any of the more culturally relevant scripted media.

Hard to imagine, but it's possible. And this would be a hell of a way for them to learn about one of the most talented actresses on the planet.

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