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Yesterday, we reported on a tragic development in the extended Duggar clan.

Rebecca Waller died instantly when her car was struck by two other vehicles after she ran a red light near her home in Harris, Minnesota.

Rebecca Waller

She was just 22 years old.

Waller was the sister of Anna Duggar’s brother-in-law David Waller, who shared the news of her passing on social media:

“With heavy hearts, we received a phone call today that David’s youngest sister, Rebecca went home to heaven today, October 2, at around 8:30 a.m.," he wrote.

"The twenty-two years of life that God gave us with her seem so short, but in light of eternity all of our lives are short.”

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Waller continued:

“The most important thing is a relationship with Jesus Christ that Rebecca evidenced by the fruit of her life.

"She is in heaven today, not because she was a good person, but because she trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal savior," he added.

"The instant her car was struck, she passed from earth to heaven and is in the presence of the Lord.”

Anna Duggar and a Child

In a later post that appeared on the Duggar’s official website, the Waller went into greater detail about his relationship with his Rebecca:

“Rebecca lived a very full life, packing every minute with meaningful activity,” David and Priscilla wrote.

“Our children were blessed with Rebecca’s love and kindness through her many hours of babysitting, coming over for special days or events, or attending church with our family over the past few years.

"We are a very close family and her loss will be deeply felt by all. We also have experienced an outpouring of love and support by so many. Thank you! We treasure each text message, email, and kind word shared with us.”

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In the days since news of the death went public, several members of the Duggar family have sung Rebecca’s praises online.

But none has been more vocal than Anna, who reportedly enjoyed a close relationship with Anna despite the geographical distance between them:

“Praying for your family,” Anna, wrote in the comments on the Waller’s post.

“We love you guys! Our kids have been talking about the fun memories they made with Rebecca," she added.

Anna Duggar in 2015

"She is greatly loved and missed. She was always giving and serving. Such an encourager and example to each of us!” In her own comment, Jill wrote that she was “so, so sorry for [their] loss.”

On Twitter, Anna wrote:

"Rebecca will be greatly missed. Love you so much – keeping your family in our prayers."

Her followers were quick to express their condolences, as well.

"I am so very sad for all of her loved ones that are grieving. I will be praying that lifts your heavy hearts," tweeted one fan.

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"I’m sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers," added another.

"My sincerest condolences," a third chimed in.

Several other Duggars, including Jill and Jessa offered their condolences to both Anna and the Wallers.

Our thoughts go out to Rebecca’s loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.