Jana Duggar: Is She Really Moving to LA?!

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Back in March, Counting On fans were stunned when Jinger Duggar moved to Los Angeles.

If you're familiar with Jinger's upbringing then we probably don't need to tell you why this came as such a shock.

Jinger and Jeremy and Child

The phrase "ultra-conservative" doesn't do the Duggars justice.

This is a family that's so puritanical in its belief system that other evangelicals frequently encourage Jim Bob and company to lighten up.

So when Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, decided to set up shop in the bastion of coastal liberalism that is LA, her parents were rather taken aback.

For a time, it was even rumored that Jim Bob and Michelle had disowned Jinger.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo in LA

That sounds extreme, but we really can't overstate the extent to which the Duggars are threatened by worldviews that differ from their own.

There was a period of several months in which Jinger seemed to have very little contact with her parents.

Earlier this month, however, Jim Bob and Michelle finally visited Jinger in LA.

They were accompanied by a TLC camera crew, so it's possible they were talked into making the trip by Counting On producers eager to compile some "fish out of water" footage, but hey -- at least they finally buried the hatchet.

Jinger and Michelle Reunited

Jim Bob and Michelle were joined by 16 of their children on this journey to the Pacific -- only one of whom had ever made the trip previously.

Yes, Jana Duggar was the first to visit Jinger back in August.

She attempted to keep the trip on the down-low, but fans were quick to piece together her whereabouts based on her Instagram posts.

At the time, much was made of the fact that homebody Jana seemed to stand out like a sore thumb in La La Land.

Jana With Jinger

On her return trip to the coast, however, Jana seemed considerably more at home.

And pics like the one above -- which capture the sisterly love between the 29-year-old and her most rebellious sister -- have led to rumors that Jana might be joining Jinger in Cali.

Although to be fair, this seems to be mostly wishful thinking on the part of fans who have spent the past several years encouraging Jana to get out from under her parents' influence.

“Girl, you need to move to California. Go live your life!” one fan commented.

Jana Duggar on the Beach

“@janamduggar you need to just move to Cali with @jingervuolo, SoCal suits you,” another remarked.

Like we said, there's not a whole lot to support the rumor that Jana is actually planning to relocate -- but a lot of fans really want it to happen.

And hey -- she has made two trips to LA in as many months.

Just by virtue of the fact that she's still single, Jana is already her family's biggest rebel.

Might as well piss off Jim Bob even more and head to Hollywood! 

Talk about spinoff potential!

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