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If you’re a fan of her famous family, then we probably don’t need to tell you that Jana Duggar is single.

An unattached, 33-year-old woman is a virtually unheard-of phenomenon in the Duggars’ community — a culture in which women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

When Jana’s twin brother, John David Duggar, married Abbie Burnett back in 2018, Jana became the only unmarried Duggar over the age of 20.

Her love life is obviously her own business, but given the extent to which the Duggars have shared every aspect of their lives with television viewers, it stands to reason that fans would be curious as to why Jana hasn’t started a family of her own.

And in recent years, some interesting theories have emerged as part of the effort to understand why a young woman who’s so thoroughly committed to her parents’ worldview in virtually every respect would stray in this one important way.

Take a look: