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While the rest of the Real Housewives of Orange County were busy fretting about Tamra Judge and Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s kiss, Kelly Dodd has been busy.

And by that, we mean getting busy. With her new man.

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal

Now, it looks like she’s hinting that Rick Leventhal, a Fox News correspondent, is already uprooting his life for her.

Is it too soon?

The two have been attending events together and having a lovely time … but they do not see each other every day.

Why? Well, they live in different places, though they’ve made clear in recent weeks that they’d love for that to change.

Kelly Dodd is Beautiful on Watch What Happens Live

For example, Rick captioned the above photo: "Happy place."

Kelly commented below, writing "Miss my [love] so much."

With the obligatory string of heart emojis, natch.

In a recent post, Kelly showed off her ability to somehow enjoy California’s relentlessly sunny weather with some friends.

She wrote that Rick will "love it" in California, which prompted a slew of fan questions about when he’s moving out there.

Kelly Dodd Picture

"Are you guys moving in together?!" one fan asked. "I’m so happy you’ve finally found a man that treats you like the queen you are."

"Is a proposal coming soon?" another comment read.

"If your man is moving it must be serious."

Kelly must have realized that she had gone and revealed too much, too soon, because she has since deleted the post.

Dodd is Frank

The Doddster has seemed to jump the proverbial gun with her love life online before, at one point setting a wedding date.

"Rick seems much better than the doctor. Normal and works for Fox," a fan wrote. "That’s a 10/10 perfect score for me."

That was a reference to her ex, Dr. Brian. Kelly then replied:

"That’s weird because we are getting married 10/10/2020."

Kelly Dodd Fumes

She was clearly … probably … joking. Right? We think?

(Side note: Joking or otherwise, that date gives us flashbacks to those ’90s commercials for alternative phone services.)

(Side note #2: Regarding the fan’s comment that prompted this, who TF rates someone positively for working for Fox?)

Anyway, Kelly’s drama on The Real Housewives of Orange County has sort of stolen the spotlight until recent weeks.

Kelly Dodd Talks

Bonking Shannon Beador on the head had a domino effect, as Shannon went to urgent care and allegedly had a mild concussion.

In her attempt to show how mild she thought that her prank blow had been, Kelly then struck Gina Kirschenheiter on the head.

Gina was furious.

Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson

Since then, stories about Kelly’s alleged instability have circulated – fueled in part by Vicki spreading rumors, as is her habit.

Frankly, it’s nice to see Kelly happy, in love, and involved in a story that does not relate to her allegedly assaulting anyone.

But … is she moving too quickly?

Kelly Dodd Flips Out

You may recall that the 44-year-old appeared on Bravo’s popular gab-fest Watch What Happens Live not too long ago.

On it, one of the few things that she confessed to regretting was allowing Dr. Brian to move in to the apartment below hers.

While Rick simply moving to the OC isn’t the same thing, and marriage may not be imminent, it’s still a huge step.

Kelly Dodd Is Hot

Some fans worry that Kelly and Rick need to take a pause, pump the brakes and just enjoy pumping each other for awhile.

After all, is there really any rush?

But it’s hard to know for sure how fast they’re moving, let alone if it’s too fast, without being in the relationship ourselves.

And we can’t exactly do that, because Kelly apparently doesn’t do threesomes … sorry Tamra and Braunwyn.