Jana Duggar Steps Out of Her Comfort Zone, Secretly Visits Jinger in LA!

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They may call it the City of Angels, but Los Angeles is a place where you can engage in just about every imaginable sin before noon.

Which is one reason so many Duggar fans were shocked when they learned that Jinger would be moving to LA.

Vuolo Family

Yes, along with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and her infant daughter, Felicity, Jinger is now a Los Angeles resident.

The Vuolos moved out west so that Jeremy could attend divinity school.

That's about the most wholesome reason that anyone has ever moved to LA, but the decision still threw many for a loop, including Jinger's parents.

Jim Bob and Michelle have not yet paid a visit to their Californian daughter, and we have no idea if they're planning to.

Jinger and Baby

But it seems the only adult Duggar who's not currently held down by a passel of kids is currently spending time with the Vuolos.

Yes, it looks as though Jana Duggar is out in LA and enjoying every minute of it.

Jana has not yet confirmed that she's chillin' on the West Coast but eagle-eyed fans were able to figure out her whereabouts based on a few clues.

We're not sure if it's a violation of privacy or an adult version of Carmen San Diego, but either way, here's how it played out:

Jana's Coffee

Jinger posted this photo of her cup of coffee.

Not a whole lot of information to go off of there, but fans were quick to point out that Jinger posted a similar photo:

“Are you visiting The Vuolos? Jinger just posted a coffee pic with the same floor,” wrote one Insta-sleuth.

Though she still has yet to confirm that she's on vacation, it seems that Jinger has resigned herself to the fact that the cat is out of the bag.

Jana In LA

She's since posted pics in which she can be seen shopping and hanging out in an environment that is clearly not rural Arkansas -- and fans are loving it.

"You belong in LA with Jing," wrote one follower.

We don't know exactly what the sisters are up to, as they have yet to pose for a pic together.

But we do know that Jeremy has been taking care of Felicity to allow the Duggar gals some time alone together.

Jeremy Vuolo Hangs With Felicity

“Just two dads hanging with their little ladies,” Jeremy captioned the above photo of himself and a friend.

So why all the secrecy? Was the fan who suggested that Jana should move to LA actually on to something?

Sadly, it seems unlikely that she'll relocate, as Jana has plenty of obligations back home.

After all, she essentially serves as a second mom to her many younger siblings.

Still, it's hard to deny that Jinger and Jana together in LA has major spinoff potential ...

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