Josh Duggar: Headed Back to Court Following Latest Legal Defeat

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There are numerous disadvantages to being born into the Duggar family:

After all, having your every action dictated by either God or Jim Bob must get pretty old sometime around your teen years,

Josh Duggar Cries

But Duggar-dom has plenty of perks, as well.

In case you unaware, the Duggars are rich -- really, really rich.

And it's not just reality show money, either.

The Duggar empire is a many-tentacled beast.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

Real estate agencies, car dealerships, local politics -- if there's a way to make money in the state of Arkansas, and the Walton family hasn't already claimed it for themselves, you can bet the Duggars are taking full advantage.

But like every other aspect of life in the Counting On clan, this diversity of business interests is not without its disadvantages.

Take Josh Duggar, for example.

He'll never work on TV again, and he's virtually unemployable following the revelation that he molested five young girls, so at least his father's wheelings and dealings provide Josh with a way to feed his family.

Josh Duggar on His Birthday

But life for the father of five has been a tangle of lawsuits and legal wranglings ever since he was fired from Counting On.

Many of Josh's legal issues stem from his feeling that he's the "real" victim in his sex crimes.

Josh has sued In Touch Weekly for breaking the story, local police for providing documents in accordance with the tabloid's FOIA request, and just about everyone else who was in any way involved in news of his crimes going public.

But these days, Josh also finds himself in court a lot in connection to his shady business dealings.

Josh Kisses Anna

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Josh will soon be forced to stand trial in a lawsuit he'd been working to have dismissed.

“The above-captioned cause is hereby set for a three-day jury trial beginning on April 27, 2020 at 8:45 a.m., in Room 208 of the Benton County Courthouse, Bentonville, Arkansas,” the document stated.

Josh is being sued by a name Carl Echols for buying land from a third party.

The only problem is, the land belonged to Echols and was not up for sale.

Josh Duggar Is Back

Echols claims Josh knew this and proceeded with the deal anyway.

In other words, Josh (allegedly) went full European settler and this poor fella's property and basically planted a flag while dude wasn't home.

Yeah, you can't do that -- but it's the sort of behavior that's reportedly encouraged by the Duggar patriarch.

Insiders say Jim Bob is hated by his neighbors, who believe he's basically trying to take over the small town of Tontitown, Arkansas, as well as its nearest neighbor, Sprindgale.

So Josh might have been breaking the law again -- but at least this time he made his daddy proud!

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