The Duggars: Hated in Their Hometown?

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The Duggar family has been at the heart of countless controversies over the course of their many years in the public eye.

Of course, they've always maintained the position that only God can judge them, but considering how many times the word "neighbor" comes up in the Bible, well ...

Jim Bob and company might want to spare some concern for the folks who live near them and what they have to say.

If you follow the family closely, you're probably aware the Duggars and their neighbors don't always get along.

In fact, Jim Bob has been derided as a greedy, status-seeking, wannabe tyrant.

But is that a fair assessment, or is the family-man-turned-media-mogul being judged too harshly?

Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself:

1. The Power Couple

The Power Couple
Jim Bob and Michelle may have started their relationship under humble circumstances, but 19 kids, millions of dollars, and one semi-failed political career later, it's clear that they always had big aspirations.

2. More Than a Media Mogul

More Than a Media Mogul
Jim Bob is many things: a former state senator, a father of 19, and the overseer of a burgeoning media empire -- but he still aspires to more.

3. Aspiring Land Baron

Aspiring Land Baron
Jim Bob's tendency to buy up large tracts of land for commercial use has frequently caused him to clash with his neighbors.

4. The Family Business

The Family Business
Jim Bob and several of his children are involved in the business of flipping cars and properties.

5. Bucking Tradition

Bucking Tradition
Though working women are rarely seen in the evangelical world the Duggars inhabit, Jim Bob has permitted some of his daughters, including Jana, to take part in these ventures, which should serve as an indication of how serious he is about this aspect of his empire.

6. A Conservative Crowd

A Conservative Crowd
Obviously, both real estate development and selling used cars require large tracts of land. And so, Jim Bob is constantly buying up acres, much to the chagrin of some of his neighbors, who may be resistant to change.

7. A Long-Standing Issue

A Long-Standing Issue
We exclusively reported on Jim Bob's conflicts with his neighbors back in 2017, when a former employee of the Duggars' filled us in on the situation.

8. Skirting Local Laws

Skirting Local Laws
"Jim Bob will stash cars somewhere until someone complains, then he'll move them somewhere else until a different person complains," said the insider.

9. Above the Law

Above the Law
"He has a lot of codes that he breaks - putting in plumbing, and water, and sewer," the source told us. "He just goes about and does what he wants to do. Jim Bob really acts like he's above the law."

10. Here Come the Lawsuits

Here Come the Lawsuits
Last year, Jim Bob ran afoul of several Springdale residents when he purchased several acres with the intention of opening an RV park.

11. Understandable Complaints

His neighbors were not thrilled with the idea of a quiet, forested area being put to such use, and they filed lawsuits accusing Jim Bob of violating local zoning ordinances.

12. Taking Action

Taking Action
Development has not yet begun on the site, so either the neighbors' lawsuits were successful, or Jim Bob is still tied up in court.

13. The Next Conflict

The Next Conflict
But obviously he's not too concerned, as Jim Bob outraged a different set of neighbors this week.

14. The Baylor Crisis

The Baylor Crisis
Over a year ago, the Duggars purchased the Baylor Mansion, a beloved Springdale architectural treasure built in honor of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright.

15. Turning a Profit

Turning a Profit
Jim Bob and Michelle bought the property for $200,000 and this week, they listed it for $1.8 million.

16. Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef?
Jim Bob clearly believes he's improving the town and making a buck at the same time -- but some of his neighbors disagree.

17. Trampling History

Trampling History
For one thing, some locals are less than thrilled that such a beloved property has been so heavily renovated.

18. New Neighbors

New Neighbors
Others believe the sky-high asking price is Jim Bob's way of filling the neighborhood with similarly wealthy residents.

19. Crying All the Way to the Bank

Crying All the Way to the Bank
But with such a massive profit to be made on a single business deal, we doubt Jim Bob is overly concerned with these opinions.

20. Desperate Times

Desperate Times
After all, the Duggars' reality show is not as popular as it used to be, and with such a massive family to support, Jim Bob likely feels that he needs side projects.

21. More Than Money

More Than Money
Many Springdale residents believe that Jim Bob is buying so much land in order to curry favor with local politicians.

22. Back In the Ring?

Back In the Ring?
Jim Bob has often claimed that he's done with politics, but with his reality show possibly coming to an end and many of his kids grown, we wouldn't be surprised to see him jump back into that world. After all -- the man loves power.

23. The Josh Factor

The Josh Factor
Of course, Jim Bob may have trouble winning an election in his local district, as our insider tells us the Josh Duggar sex scandals are still very much on the minds of Springdale residents.

24. What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around
"Maybe someday Josh will get beyond it somehow, but he'll probably always be 'Josh Duggar the molester,'" the insider said. "That's what they call him." Not exactly the makings of a political dynasty!

25. Not as It Seems

Not as It Seems
Interestingly, our source tells us that Jim Bob has so much money tied up in his investments that he's effectively cash poor at the moment. "He figures his little bit of money that he has - which isn't an awful lot of money - lets him just do whatever he wants," says the insider. "He's got a lot of money invested in property, things that he's trying to flip, throws a lot of money into things." If this is a bid for power, JB better hope the gamble pays off!

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