Anna Duggar Blasts Josh Haters: We Will NEVER Get Divorced!

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When news of the Josh Duggar sex scandals went public back un 2015, many assumed Josh would face some major consequences.

But all these years later, that has yet to happen.

Sure, Josh was fired by TLC, but other than the loss of his TV career, he got off scot-free.

Josh avoided jail time, and to the astonishment of many, his wife, Anna Duggar stood by her man.

Many have encouraged Anna to take the kids and run, but now, it seems she's got a message for the haters.

Take a look:

1. Looking Back

Looking Back
There was a time when Josh and Anna were thought to be among reality TV's most stable couples. Those days are long gone.

2. The Downfall

The Downfall
Josh fell from grace so hard that he almost brought the entire Duggar media empire with him.

3. Discgrace

In 2015, the world learned that Josh had molested 5 young girls, 4 of whom were his sisters.

4. Back-to-Back

Just weeks later, it was revealed that Josh had used the Ashley Madison website to try and cheat on his wife.

5. Kick Him to the Curb

Kick Him to the Curb
For obvious reasons, many fans encouraged Anna to file for divorce. Instead, she did the opposite.

6. Making It Work

Making It Work
Anna worked hard to strengthen her marriage -- and she even welcomed a fifth child with Josh,

7. Doubling Down

Doubling Down
These days, Josh and Anna are flaunting their happiness more than ever.

8. All For Show?

All For Show?
Many fans believe it's just a publicity stunt to rebuild Josh's reputation and get his family back on TV.

9. Either Way

Either Way
Whatever the case, Anna took things a step further this week by assuring fans her marriage is stronger than ever.

10. Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy
Josh celebrated a birthday this week, and Anna took to social media to pay loving tribute to her disgraced husband.

11. Sharing the Love

Sharing the Love
"Happy 31st Birthday Joshua! I love you SO much and I’m blessed to be by your side for the past 10 years,” Anna captioned photos from Josh's birthday party.

12. The List

The List
"There are so many things that I LOVE about you, here are just a few of my favorites," Anna wrote before listing her favorite qualities about Josh.

13. Are We Talking About the Same Josh?

"Your love for FAMILY!" Anna began. "Good sense of HUMOR!"

14. Tea Partier

Tea Partier
"You take the time and energy to be a super fun DAD - playing football, basketball, capture the flag, tea party, etc!" Anna continued.

15. Smiling Josh

Smiling Josh
"Having BIBLE time with our family," she wrote. "Your ability to enjoy a hard day’s WORK and come home with a SMILE!"

16. The Handyman

The Handyman
"My handyman that can FIX (almost) anything!" Anna added.

17. Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes
"Working “behind the scenes” daily to HELP others accomplish their goals and dreams," wrote Anna. (We'd prefer NOT to know what she means by that.)

18. Of Course ...

Of Course ...
"PRAYing with me each night!" Anna's list concluded. But she wasn't done singing Josh's praises ...

19. The Kicker

The Kicker
"Joshua, YOU are a TREASURE and I look forward to growing old -- TOGETHER! #littleduggars," Anna added.

20. Squashing the Rumors

Squashing the Rumors
Many fans interpreted that last comment as Anna's way of trying to put a stop to the divorce rumors.

21. Sigh ...

Sigh ...
As much as we hate to admit it, they're probably right. It doesn't look as though Josh is going anywhere anytime soon ...

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