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It hasn’t even been two weeks since Raiven Adams and Bear Brown became engaged.

But Alaskan Bush People is a very famous show, and with fame come legions of haters and trolls.

It was all too much. Raiven and Bear have broken off their engagement and split up.

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Late Monday night, Raiven Adams took to Instagram to share a heartbreaking message.

"It’s been a long battle for me to decide what I should do. What I should say…" Raiven begins.

She admits: "I think this life is to much for me."

"The drama, the articles, the harassment," she lists.

Raiven also acknowledges "The mean people who have nothing better to do."

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"And due to that," Raiven writes. "And Several other reasons.

She announces: "Me and bear have decided to stay friends."

"Sometimes two people are meant to be in each other’s life…." Raiven expresses.

"But," she adds. "Not the way they thought."

"Wishing the wolf pack all of the best luck on every adventure," Raiven concludes.

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You want some tea? We don’t know if it’s quite scalding hot, but take a look. …

Gabe Brown "liked" Raiven’s posta bout the breakup.

Perhaps he was just being kind, rather than shady towards his brother. But Bear did not "like" it.

Bear did take to his own Instagram, at least, to acknowledge what’s going down.

"Sometimes people are better off as just friends!" he wrote just a couple of hours after Raiven’s post.

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Raiven had more to say, however, and on Tuesday, made another post.

"Sometimes it’s better to let others assume why something happens," she begins.

It looks like she’s been hearing and reading a lot of "theories" on how her romance with Bear ended.

She continues: "because explaining yourself and giving reason isn’t always the best thing to do."

She is absolutely right.

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Raiven has seen people blame her and label her a ruthless heartbreaker.

She’s also seen people blame her sexual orientation — Raiven is pan — which is deeply bigoted.

"And," Raiven writes. "If I have to be the bad guy for the 100 reasons me and bear didn’t work out."

"And me only sharing what I did to respect him and his family," she continues.

Raiven expresses: "then so be it."

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"Say what you want at the end of day," Raiven tells her fans and followers.

(But you get the feeling that she is very much speaking to her detractors, as well)

"I know what happened," she concludes. "And that’s enough for me."

It sounds like she’s announcing very firmly that she doesn’t care what people seem to think. They can view her as a heartbreaking jezebel if they like.

But, at the same time, Raiven is making sure that everyone realizes that the breakup was for multiple reasons.

In fact, she even seems to be suggesting that she’s in some way covering for Bear or sparing him embarrassment.

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While Raiven won’t be crowned the Queen of Extreme after all, Bear may have hinted at what went down.

On Monday, he shared a number of photos that appear to have come from some sort of hotel.

Did he and Raiven have a romantic date (away from the homestead) that went wrong somehow?

Or did they go someplace private to try to work out their issues, only for it to fail?

Raiven shared her message at pretty close to midnight. She may have posted to Instagram shortly after they decided to part ways.

Whatever the causes, we wish them both the best.