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It’s been about four months since Jinger Duggar moved to LA, and it seems the city is beginning to leave its mark on the most rebellious Duggar daughter.

Fashion has always been one of Jinger’s preferred modes of expression — she is, after all, the first Duggar woman of her generation to wear pants in public — and it seems she’s keeping the tradition alive by splurging on expensive threads.

Jinger Duggar Is Blonde

Several fans have noted that the always-stylish Jinger seems to be forever finding new fashion inspirations on the West Coast.

And this week, she made what many consider to be her boldest fashion statement since she first donned a pair of Levi’s in violation of the strict Duggar dress code.

Jinger posted the photo below earlier this week, and it’s attracted attention for two distinct reasons.

For starters, this is the pic that clued fans into the fact that Jana is currently visiting Jinger in LA.

Photo via Instagram

(Jana posted a similar coffee-gram with the same tiled floor in the background, and fans instantly pieced it together because Duggar obsessives are a different breed.)

But the biggest commotion had to do with the fact Jinger is rocking some seriously stylish shoes.

There’s been no confirmation with regard to the designer, but fans seem convinced that Jinge is sporting a pair of Guccis.

“Those look like Gucci shoes. Priiiiceey!!!” one follower commented.

Jinger Duggar Bares Her Shoulders and Holds Her Baby

“I have Gucci shoes like these. I love them,” another remarked.

Many fans praised Jinge for treating herself, living her best life, etc., with one commenting simply, “Good for you!”

Now, if the masses are correct and Jinger is dressing her feet in Gucci, then she probably dropped nearly a thousand dollars in order to do so.

So yeah, priiiiceey! is right.

Jinger and Baby

But Jinger might suffer consequences for her the purchase that go well beyond her monthly credit card statement.

As you probably know, the Duggars are advocates for "modest attire."

Typically, this means women covering just about every inch of their skin aside from their faces and hands.

But the family is also not big on lavish displays of wealth.

Photo via Instagram

It’s an ironic stance, considering Jim Bob has devoted his life to the acquisition of wealth, but that’s how it is.

Jim Bob makes the rules and his daughters follow them — and one of the rules at the moment is "dress like you’re poor."

There have already been rumors that Jim Bob and Michelle have disowned Jinger, though to be fair, those reports seem to be based on nothing other than the fact that they have yet to visit her in LA.

It may not seem like much, but considering how much time and money the Duggars have to devote to their family, it’s a pretty big snub.

And we’re guessing Jim Bob isn’t particularly thrilled with his daughter’s newfound taste for the finer things.