Jinger Duggar Shares Adorable Pics of Her "Little Family," Melts Fans' Hearts

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Hard to believe it's been three months since Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child.

These days, Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are loving their lives as new parents and sharing every moment of that joy on social media.

Perhaps it's because Jinger and Jeremy live in Laredo, Texas, far away from the rest of the Duggar clan in Arkansas.

Or perhaps it's because Jinger has harbored a lifelong love of photography.

Whatever the reason, the pics of little Felicity just keep coming, and fans can't get enough.

Take a look:

1. Jinger, Jeremy, Felicity

Jinger, Jeremy, Felicity
Jinger has posted several new photos of her "little family" this week. And fans have eagerly expressed their appreciation.

2. Felicity In Black and White

Felicity In Black and White
"Safe in Daddy’s arms," Jinger captioned this artful pic. Duggar fans may recall that Jinger has long had an interest in photography.

3. Felicity's Parents

Felicity's Parents
Despite the demands of being first-time parents, Jinger and Jeremy still make time for one another. She captioned this pic, "Forever and always."

4. Friend of the Vuolo Family

Friend of the Vuolo Family
"Our lovely friend Adelyn Foto is in town this weekend! Felicity couldn’t be bothered for a smile," Jinger captioned this pic.

5. Felicity at 3 Months

Felicity at 3 Months
It's hard to believe three months have gone by since little Felicity entered the world. Fortunately, Jimnger has been thoroughly documenting all the major moments in her daughter's life.

6. Flying High

Flying High
At 3 months old, Felicity is already a seasoned world traveler! Okay, so she's only been on one plane -- but it's a start!

7. Cubs Game Swag

Cubs Game Swag
Felicity and her folks recently took in nine innings at Wrigley. As you can see, Felicity was thrilled to attend the game.

8. Visiting the Vuolos

Visiting the Vuolos
Jinger recently spent some time with Jeremy Vuolo's extended family. She posted several photos of the occasion on Instagram.

9. With Jer

With Jer
Jinger shared this cute photo of herself and her husband on the occasion of Jeremy's birthday in 2018.

10. Look at That Smile!

Look at That Smile!
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's precious baby daughter Felicity has a very beautifully expressive face, as captured in this image.

11. Sleeping In Mittens

Sleeping In Mittens
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo put mittens on baby Felicity to keep her from scratching her face with her razor-sharp baby fingernails.

12. Little Felicity

Little Felicity
Jinger and Jeremy recently shared this sweet photo and gushed that Felicity is constantly smiling.

13. The Vuolo Clan

The Vuolo Clan
Jinger and Jeremy shared this precious photo of their baby girl on a Sunday in August of 2018. What a cute family.

14. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
Jinger, Jeremy and Felicity Vuolo in the sweetest family photo. Just try not to coo when you look at this.

15. Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter
Jinger Duggar is at home here with her daughter, Felicity. She welcomed her into the world in July of 2018.

16. Proud Parents

Proud Parents
Jinger Duggar poses here with husband Jeremy Vuolo ... and also with baby Felicity Nicole. How adorable, right?

17. Felicity on the 'Gram

Felicity on the 'Gram
Jinger wasn't kidding when she said her little girl is always smiling. And what a smile it is!

18. Felicity and Grandfather

Felicity and Grandfather
Felicity Vuolo with her grandfather. Jinger Duggar's daughter enjoyed spending some time with her OTHER grandparents recently.

19. Felicity at 2 Months

Felicity at 2 Months
Here she is! Jinger Duggar has shared this photo of her baby at two months of age.

20. First Birthday

First Birthday
As you can see, Jinger has been documenting Felicity's milestones from the very beginning. Here's to many more!

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