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Get excited! The Season 10 premiere date for Alaskan Bush People is just days away!

The looming premiere made this week a perfect time for Bear Brown to make a very exciting announcement.

He has a gorgeous model girlfriend, and he’s excited to introduce her to the world.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams
Photo via Instagram

31-year-old Bear Brown spoke to People about his girlfriend, Raiven Adams.

"We met at my brother Noah’s wedding last year,” Bear reveals.

Noah married his now wife, Rhain Alisha, in a small and beautiful ceremony last year.

“Raiven was helping her mom, Kassy Michelle," he shares. "Who was the photographer."

Bear continues: "Her mom has always had a passion for photography."

"And," he adds. "Raiven helps her out with weddings and other photo shoots from time to time."

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams
Photo via Instagram

It sounds like, when the two of them met, sparks just flew.

"We just agreed we both felt a connection," Bear characterizes.

That sounds wonderful! And then he starts getting into why he adores his girlfriend.

He explains: "I would definitely say what I like most about Raiven would simply be Raiven herself,”

"She is truly the full package," Bear expresses.

Photo via Instagram

"She is like, beauty in every sense of the word," Bear gushes about his stunning girlfriend. "Inside and out."

"And she is the most awesome and extreme woman I’ve ever met!" he adds.

We all know how much Bear enjoys various extremes.

Bear raves: "I adore her, honestly."

That is so sweet to hear.

Photo via Instagram

Raiven also spoke up, and shared what has made her so drawn to Bear.

"The thing I like most about Bear is his ability to love unconditionally," Raiven praises.

Bear is definitely a sweet guy.

"And," she adds. "How he lives his life to ensure other people’s happiness."

That could almost be read as a dig against Billy, who seems to wield a lot of control over his adult children, but that might be overthinking things.

Bear Brown Goes Wild

So what have they been up to as a couple?

"We’re enjoying summer on the mountain together," Bear reveals.

"And," he continues excitedly. "Can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

Gabe, Noah, Bam Bam, and even Matt have secured romantic happiness for themselves. It’s great that it’s Bear’s turn.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been," he confesses. Awww!

Photo via Instagram

As has been the case with other lady loves of the Brown boys, Raiven seems to have taken up a friendship with Bear’s youngest sister, Rain.

Rain is, by all accounts, a deeply likeable person — she certainly comes across that way on social media.

Combine that with the fact that one family living on 435 acres of rural Wshington land can be a little lonely, and she’s bound to be a popular gal.

Raiven and Rain are in multiple photos together. It’s great that they’re hanging out and getting along well with each other.

For now, Raiven and Bear are just dating. But if Bear’s siblings are any indication, months of romance can turn into an engagement at the drop of a hat.