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We probably don’t need to tell you that Jinger is not your typical Duggar.

Rightly regarded as the rebellious Duggar, Jinger dances to the beat of her own drummer, regardless of how the public — or her overbearing father — feel about it.

Jinger and Jeremy Attend a Soccer Game

Jinger was the first of her sisters to wear pants, sure — but her defiance of her father’s strict code of conduct didn’t end there.

First, Jinger married a man that Jim Bob didn’t entirely approve.

Then, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo moved to LA so that he could sudy at a nearby divinity school.

And that, right there, pretty much encapsulates the nature of Jinger’s rebellion.

Vuolo Family

By normal people standards, she’s about as prim, proper, and pious as you can get.

She married a freakin’ minister, for Pete’s sake.

Then again, she also moved to Los Angeles, the sort of liberal bastion that populates Jim Bob’s nightmares.

No doubt when JB and Michelle picture their daughter’s life in the City of Angels, they imagine her weaving between demon orgies as she makes her way down Sunset.

Jinger Eating a Donut

To be fair, LA traffic is hell on earth, but it’s not quite that.

Insiders say Jim Bob and Michelle were so distraught by their daughter’s decision to head west that they essentially disowned Jinger.

We don’t know about that, but it seems a whole lot of Duggar fans share in the disappointment of Jinger’s parents.

In fact, whenever Jinger posts an LA-centric pic (such as this one, in which she and daughter Felicity pose in front of the famous pink selfie wall), it’s become popular for fans to accuse Jeremy of "forcing" her to relocate to Cali.

Photo via Instagram

“Why LA! Most importantly, why California," wrote one "fan," who clearly has yet to make the acquaintance of a question mark.

“Born and raised in California and my family and I couldn’t get out fast enough! No place to raise a family! Hopefully it’s not a permanent move!” wrote another purveyor of unsolicited advice.

“California is a terrible place to raise a child," echoed a third commenter.

The situation highlights one of the biggest problems with Duggar fans (aside from the fact that they defend an admitted child molester):

They started out by admiring the hyper-judgmental way in which Jim Bob and Michelle dissect every aspect of their children’s lives, and now they think it’s their turn to take a crack at it.

Jinger Duggar and Cute Family

Thankfully, a chorus of sensible grownups was quick to put the haters in their place:

“It is no better or worse than anywhere else," commented one such adult.

"She will see the best of times,the worst of times – great wealth, great poverty, but excitement, conversation, willingness to accept those who live ‘off the grid’…..with loving family, her world be be a large world with her security at home!”

Yes, the world is bigger than Arkansas.

Only in the Duggar bubble would that be considered a controversial statement.