Larissa Lima: Marrying Eric Would Be My TRUE Happily Ever After!!

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Hard to believe, but it's only been a short while since Larissa Lima's epic strip club birthday party earlier this month.

She attended the blowout party with boyfriend Eric by her side.

Now, after more than half a year together, things look serious. Larissa is even talking about marriage.

Larissa Lima and Eric Foster

Larissa Lima has such enduring popularity in part because she keeps in touch with her fans, which includes Q&A sessions on Instagram.

One fan asked Larissa if she thinks that her ex-husband, Colt, regrets "what he did” to her.

“I don’t care," Larissa replied bluntly. "As long as he leaves me alone I am happy."

That is a very healthy attitude.

Larissa expresed a similarly enlightened view when she heard that Colt was dating again, saying "Life goes on."

Larissa was also asked if she would ever again risk living with a man who lives with his mom like 34-year-old Colt does.

"Depend [sic] the situation," Larissa admitted.

"Have mothers that really want to push their children to grown [sic] and live their lives," she suggested.

Larissa also said that she'd look for moms who "don’t put their kids in a saint pedestal."

"I have no clue to judge," she concluded. "Never say never."

Eric, notably, has his own house -- and does not live with any parents.

Larissa Lima and Eric Foster Make Kissy Faces

Larissa and Eric -- or Erickee, as she calls him -- have been dating since early February, 2019.

They met on Tinder just weeks after Larissa's horrifying breakup fight with Colt, and they really hit it off.

Eric brings her flowers, he's independent, and he showers her with compliments while talking to her like she's a human being with dignity.

Naturally, now that they've been joined at the hip for so long, fans are asking the obvious question.

Does Larissa want to marry Eric? Will they ever get married?

Larissa's reply speaks volumes: "It would be my happily ever after."

Larissa Lima IG Story - yes, still dating Eric

Another fan simply asked if Larissa was still dating Eric.

She opted for a "show, don't tell" approach and just plastered his nearly-nude photo.

Yep, it looks like they're still together -- and he even brought her flowers.

It's a wonder that Larissa is willing to marry again at all after her experience with Colt.

But clearly, she and Eric are head-over-heels for each other.

Larissa Lima Birthday Party: The Money Shot

In a separate post, Larissa is also quashing a nasty rumor that she abandoned her cats when she left Colt.

"It is false that I abandoned my cats," Larissa declares on Instagram.

"First; they were adopted in their daddy's name," she explains.

Second;" she continues. "I had a restraining order against me not to go near the home."

Third; My friend Carmen's home has 4 dogs," Larissa mentions. "It would of been difficult."

"I know they are being loved and cared for," she affirms. "Thank you guys."

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