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We don’t see too much of Josh Duggar these days — and that’s unquestionably a good thing.

As you’ll likely recall, Josh molested five young girls — four of whom were his sisters — while he was still in his teens.

Josh Duggar on Election Day

Josh’s parents helped him avoid prosecution, but the disgraced reality star was tried and convicted in the court of public opinion when news of his crimes was finally made public in 2015.

The father of five has not appeared on his family’s TLC reality shows in the years since.

But that doesn’t mean Duggar fans have been completely shielded from the sight of him.

On several occasions, Josh has attempted a comeback of sorts by appearing in photos posted on social media by various family members.

Gender Question

For obvious reasons, no one is more keen to see Josh get back to earning the big bucks as a reality star than his wife Anna, who is currently pregnant with her sixth child.

And so the latest Josh photo comes to us from Anna’s Instagram page.

She posted the pic below on Wednesday, along with a caption reading:

"We enjoyed a visit to the St. Louis Zoo on our way up to Oshkosh, Wisconsin last week!"

Josh Duggar at the Zoo

"It’s always exciting to see the different animals and the kiddos love it!" she added.

The photo received a mixed response from Anna’s followers, but one fan was effusive in her praise of the admitted child molester:

"I love seeing more pictures with Josh in them! Your family is such a beautiful example of the love of Christ!" she wrote.

"I know your journey has been hard but it looks to me like you have come through it with grace!"

Anna was quick to reply, writing:

"Thank you for your kind words. Redemption is a beautiful thing!"

Yes, apparently, at some point, Josh was redeemed.

We must have missed that one!

In all likelihood, Anna means that Josh has been forgiven in a religious sense.

Josh Duggar Is Back

As for how his victims and the public feel about him — well, that’s a more complicated matter.

From St. Louis, the family proceeded to Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, where they attended an air show that Anna described as "one of our 2019 summer highlights."

"We topped off the camping experience by grilling lunch & dinners for our family and Joshua’s siblings," she wrote on Instagram.

"My hat is off to John & Abbie who stayed in an actual tent."

Josh Kisses Anna

The presence of Josh’s siblings left some fans wondering if the trip was documented by a Counting On camera crew.

It may be quite some time before we know for sure.

But whatever the case, it’s a safe bet that Josh won’t be appearing in the episode.

It’s one thing for his family to force him on an unsuspecting public.

Execs at TLC have a lot more at stake — and a much better sense of what audiences will and will not put up with.