Derick Dillard: Jill & I Use Birth Control! We Don't Care What Jim Bob Thinks!

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Recent weeks have seen a very unexpected development within the Duggar family:

For reasons that no one fully understands, Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar are suddenly very keen to tell the whole world about their sex life.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Out and About

Despite their commitment to a faith that's so sex-averse it forbids all physical contact between non-married couples, the Dillards have been telling all, and their latest posts basically read fundamentalist Penthouse letters.

Somehow, they're laughably chaste, and yet also filled with way too much information.

It started with Jill's revelation that she and Derick banged all night to celebrate their latest anniversary.

(The same post casually informed us that they took the kids to see Toy Story 4 the next day, which was a little ... odd.)

The Dillards' New House

From there, Jill offered more sex advice, which included encouraging her followers to try different positions.

(Most of Jill's fans were probably aware that there's life beyond missionary, but she has our respect for trying.)

Of course, Jill is a regular shrinking violet compared to her outspoken husband, whose famous inability to shut up got him fired from Counting On.

So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to TMI posts about their bedroom activities, Derick is putting Jill to shame (but hey, maybe she's into that).

Jill and Derick Anniversary Pic

In a recent blog post entitled "Hot Love: How to Love Your Wife Like You Mean It" (throwing up in your mouth a little is the natural reaction to that title) Derick revealed that he and Jill have sex almost every night.

"You both need this time together regularly (5-6 times (or more) a week is a good start)," he says.

It's already sort of ridiculous to state that getting it on 5-6 times a week is a "good start" but the claim is especially absurd in Derick's case for a reason that many fans were quick to point out.

“How are you guys having sex 5-6 times a week and you aren’t pregnant again??" one follower remarked.

Jill and Derick Posing

"You guys don’t believe in birth control so there are some lies in this somewhere. Lol.”

“We never said we don’t believe in birth control,” Derick quickly replied.

“Misconception (no pun intended) #547324. My parents waited 11 years to start having kids, and there’s nothing wrong with that," he continued.

"Each Christian family should follow God’s leading for their own family, regarding when and how many kids to have.”

Well, that's certainly a progressive view by Duggar standards, and it's possible that Jill's man has turned over a new leaf.

Jill and Derick Dillard Pic

(Last week, Derick said women have rights! Gasp!

but we know for a fact that Duggar women are taught from a young age is one of their two reasons for being.

(The other, of course, being praisin' Jesus.)

The misconception on Derick's part is that he's the reason people care about his marriage or that anyone cares how he was raised.

That may sound harsh, but dude's a random law student from Arkansas.

When people talk about "his family," they mean the one he started with his famous wife, not the one who raised him.

Sorry, bro.

Facts don't care about your feelings.

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