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As we discussed earlier this week, it often seems as though there’s a rivalry between the women in the Duggar family.

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition among siblings, of course, but the Duggar ladies aren’t trying to outdo each other in terms of career goals, physical fitness, or contributions to the communities in which they live.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Out and About

No, they’re only attempting to outdo each other in two areas — baby-making, and keeping their husbands happy.

And there’s nothing wrong with living that sort of ultra-traditional lifestyle — if that’s what floats your boat.

But Jill probably shouldn’t be terribly surprised when some fans have trouble taking her political commentary seriously.

The mother of two recently attended a celebration of women’s suffrage at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion, and many were less than thrilled with what she had to say about the occasion:

Photo via Instagram

“Thanks to my friend, Nancy, I had a lovely time at the governor’s mansion for a tea celebrating 100 years since women were finally able to exercise the right to vote!" Jill wrote, adding:

"@govasahutchinson @arfirstlady #arkansaswomenssuffrage #womensrighttovote.”

The response to the post was swift — and surprisingly harsh.

“I had to giggle. The ladies in your family have no rights. The men control you. I do love your family and show but come on!!”

“You’re mistaken," Jill calmly replied.

The Dillards' New House
Photo via Instagram

Her husband Derick Dillard, as always was much more verbose — and much more confrontational — in his response.

“If you only know our family from a semi-scripted show then you are either assuming things that aren’t there or believe that all you see is all there is," he replied.

"If Jill felt the Lord leading her to run for governor, I would not only vote for her, but support her in every way a spouse can.”

Only in the Duggar clan is "I would totes vote for my wife if she were running for office" considered a statement of wokeness.

Also, did he really just describe Counting On as "semi-scripted"?

Derick on the Job
Photo via Instagram

Jim Bob’s not gonna like that, Yogi!

Later, when another fan asked, “Would you vote for a female president?” Derick replied, “Yes.”

As usual, most of the commenters on Jill’s pic were on her side — but it was close.

A surprising number called her out for her alleged hypocrisy, arguing that she has no right to celebrate women’s victories in the political arena while participating in a cult that actively works to oppress women’s rights.

"I find this strange from a family brought up with such a stringent guideline for the woman’s role and patriarchal control,” wrote one follower.

Jill and Derick Posing
Photo via Instagram

“Come on it’s a complete joke how these women are taught!!" another remarked.

"They don’t even go to college or have jobs outside the family home! You all can deny it all you want but they do not live like most!!”

It seems Jill is planning to sit this one out going forward.

But we’re sure Derick will continue to wage war against the "haters."

Which doesn’t really help her argument that women in the Duggar family have equal rights to men …