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It’s only mid-July, but all over the country, school districts are shortening breaks in favor of longer school years.

And so, in some areas of the South (Where their summer breaks tend to start and end earlier.), it’s already back-to-school season.

Jenelle and Kaiser In Kidnergarten

Most kids are probably pretty bummed about starting school in mid-July — but we’re guessing Kaiser Griffith and Maryssa Eason are pretty okay with it.

Yes, it’s hard to believe he’s growing up so fast, but little Kaiser began kindergarten this week.

Jenelle posted photos of Kai’s first day of kindergarten and Maryssa’s first day of 7th grade on her Instagram page this week.

“#FirstDayOfSchool,” she captioned the pics. 

Kaiser Enters Kindergarten

"These kiddos are getting so big, so fast!” Jenelle continued, adding the hashtags, "#BittersweetMoments #Motivated and #SchoolDays."

Some fans were taken aback that Jenelle’s kids start school so early in the summer.

Others, of course, are still in shock that she was able to regain custody of Kaiser and Maryssa.

Yes, as we’re sure you know, Evans lost custody of three of her kids following a CPS investigation back in May.

Maryssa Goes Back to School

The shocking decision to dismiss the case did not go over well on social media — which is no great surprise, what with the kids being returned to a home with a psychopath who’s known to shoot and kill beloved pets during his infamous temper tantrums.

Jenelle’s comments section is a curated space these days, with the disgraced former reality star devoting a lot of time to deleting negative comments.

But clearly, she didn’t catch them all — or consider the fact that folks on other social media platforms can still discuss her pics with impunity.

"Ummm I thought you coparented with everyone fine? Where is his Father & WTF kind of school/parents would let this guy around their kids?" asked Twitter user @anon_mafioso, remarking on Nathan Griffith’s absence from the photos

David With Kaiser at School

"You should be thankful you even get to see those kids," Instagrammer shesworthwords commented.

That one pretty much sums up the general feeling toward Jenelle getting her children back.

She made it clear from the start that she considers herself the victim of an appalling injustice and feels that her kids were taken from her as the result of a smear campaign coordinated by the media and her family.

This, obviously, is batsh-t thinking, but it’s what we’ve come to expect from Jenelle.

We just hope that she occasionally takes some time out from her self-pity to consider the fact that is indeed quite lucky to have her kids returned to her — and she should do everything in her power to provide a safe and stable environment for them, so that they need not be uprooted again.